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MS & pregnancy; my story so far

I’m currently 18 weeks pregnant and couldn’t be happier. Now I’m in my second trimester I feel better than I have in years!

However, I didn’t actually have the best start to my pregnancy due to quite a severe relapse of my MS. I wanted to share what happened as I felt quite alone during that time. After speaking to other women with MS and doing some Googling I found that most of them seemed to feel much better and/or stopped relapsing when they fell pregnant. This made me feel awful. I was obviously very happy for them but literally the day I fell pregnant, I relapsed.

If you have MS and you’re pregnant or thinking of starting a family, this blog post is here to give you hope, reassurance and comfort. I don’t want to scare you or make you have doubts. Even in the darkest times everything will be okay and you will come out the other side. I’m proof of that.

MS differs vastly from person to person, so it goes without saying that every pregnant woman with MS has a very different experience. So here is my experience during my first trimester…


Staying positive with MS

I’ve been a wee bit quiet recently so I thought I’d share a quick update on what’s been going on. Over the past few weeks I’ve had an MS relapse.


What is a relapse? “the appearance of new symptoms, or the return of old symptoms, for a period of 24 hours or more – in the absence of a change in core body temperature or infection”. (MS Society)


This relapse has displayed itself in a few different ways. First, my left arm became extremely sensitive to touch like it had been scalded. This was painful but at the same time a bit numb – I know, MS doesn’t make any sense to me either. After a week or two, the pain dulled and it was just numb. I could cope with this, as I’m right handed, but the second symptom was with my left leg, which impacted me further and was more visible.

As MS damages the nerves in the body, something had happened with this relapse which meant the nerves somewhere between my brain and leg got disrupted. More simply put, when I’m walking, the signal from my brain to lift my left leg gets a bit scrambled. This means that I’m very slow, trip over my left foot and am walking with a limp. Do you have to really concentrate when you’re walking? Of course you don’t, but at the minute I do.

On top of this, I’ve had a flare up of existing damage in the top of my spinal cord with results in my right calf heating up when I look down. Then there’s my biggest MS battle that I constantly deal with, the crippling fatigue.

So now I’ve explained it all, I’m staying positive. Last week I made the decision to sign myself off work this week and rest. I decided that every now and again, it’s okay to give in and stop for a while. I’ve always struggled with giving in when my body is screaming at me to stop and take a break. I’m my biggest barrier to resting, maybe I’m just too stubborn!


Cuckoo’s Bakery launch summer cupcake range

Cuckoo’s Bakery was taken over by new owners Thomas and Joanna Partridge back in June this year. The husband and wife duo have just launched a retro summer cupcake range, celebrating classic ice lollies and ice cream such as The Fab, Solero, Twister and Ninety-Nine.

Cuckoo’s Bakery first launched on Valentine’s Day in 2011 with its cake shop and tea room on Dundas Street. They then opened a second shop in Bruntsfield in April 2015. All cakes are freshly baked daily, by hand, with up to a whopping 1,000 cakes produced each day!


TSB Local Pride: Vintage Vibes Edinburgh

On Friday I joined the TSB and Pride of Britain teams on George Street in Edinburgh to take a wee selfie with a Mini to support their Pride of Britain campaign. Their fleet has been touring the country, from London to Edinburgh, to raise awareness of the Pride of Britain nominations and all the fantastic people, charities and causes we have in Britain.

I’ve always loved the Pride of Britain awards so when I was asked to get involved, I couldn’t wait.


Introducing brunch & naps

My blog has had a wee makeover! 🎉


Well, simply put, I love brunch and I love naps.

Of course, there is a bit more to it than that. As you probably know, I got married last year. I took my husband’s surname but as Jennie Stamp (my maiden name) is so unique, I kept it on most of my social media accounts. I also retained it for my blog,, but started to feel a bit lost and like I should embrace my new identity. Therefore a rebrand and a more ‘bloggy’ (yes, that’s a word) name were in order. So as I said, I love going for brunch on the weekends and I love taking naps, so was the perfect name.

I’ve recently started writing a lot more about how I deal with MS, including a recent blog post I wrote for the MS Society, The invisible symptoms of my MS. The biggest battle I have with MS is the chronic fatigue and this means I have to rest a lot and take naps. So the naps are also a nod to my MS battle.

What do you think? 😁


Anyway, I hope you enjoy my new look blog!

Let me know what you think in the comments 🙂