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Share the social love

One aspect of social media that has always intrigued me is its relationship with online dating and the opportunities it holds. How can social media assist people searching for that special someone? Or can it hinder the process? We all know of dating sites such as and eharmony, but what about just using social networks such as Facebook and Twitter to meet people? Is it possible to approach someone using.. Read More

Is social media making us antisocial?

Last night I watched a TV programme on BBC three called Websex: What’s the harm which was investigating ‘how the internet is changing the sex lives of 16-24 year-olds’, interviewing young people who rely on social networking sites, mobile technology and webcams. One of the first young people to be interviewed was a 19 year old male who had quite worrying speech, as in he sounded pretty stupid and his sentence structure.. Read More

Are you a victim of social overshare?

Why do we use social media? To share knowledge and information with friends, family and acquaintances.  But is there a limit to how much we should share and what we share. Obviously some people do not think so! So how do we know what is the appropriate amount? Or am I contradicting myself as I have said many times that social media is largely about freedom of speech? How much.. Read More