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Pinterest; The Marmite of the Internet

Now the hype surrounding Pinterest has calmed down a bit, have people become bored of it? It’s time for me to voice my opinion… Yes, I know everyone and their dog has written a blog post about Pinterest, but I couldn’t help but voice my opinion. I love it; my name is Jennie and I think I might be addicted to Pinterest, there I said it. But even with true love, things are not.. Read More

Let’s Get Nude

Sometimes it’s appropriate to be subtle, and this is how I felt this week. So I opted for Rimmel PRO Beige polish as a base coat, with a little pink heart drawn on my ring finger nail (I couldn’t be totally plain) and a Rimmel Glitter topcoat. Subtle yet pretty. Whoever said beige is boring? 🙂

Duck Feet Nails, Really?

I do love to experiment with my nails, but there is a line I will draw, and I think this is it. This is not attractive in the slightest. What do you think, love or hate?

Line Art

This week, my inspiration again originated from Pinterest. I wanted to experiment with lines so I bought these rolls of nail art tape from ebay. As the tape is s fine, it is pretty fiddly to use. My advice is to always twist the end after you cut a bit off so it’s easy to find when you go to cut some more. Yesterday I painted my nails using Rimmel PRO Peppermint to.. Read More

This Little Piggy Went To Market

This week my nails have been all shades of pink, inspired by a design I found on Pinterest. This was a fairly Rimmel dominated design. I love the Rimmel PRO range because the brush is so wide. They also dry pretty quickly and have a lovely glossy finish. I felt that the fade design wasn’t quite enough, so I added two little hearts, black and pink, using my nail art.. Read More

I Think There’s Something ‘Between’ Us

There are two sides of my personality that were fighting against each other to decide which angle to take with this blog post about an app which is specifically just for couples. The fact is, super cliquey, coupley couples ARE annoying. The whole “No, you hang up first” cliché is not something I will submit to. On the other hand, I am an affectionate person and like my other half to be.. Read More