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Aztec Nails

I have recently been seeing lots of Aztec inspiration on Pinterest so I had to give it a go for myself. Last December I did design some subtle Aztec/fairisle and snowflake nail art, but this time I wanted to go all out with colour:

January Nail Art

Last week was a whirlwind of nail art. I was in my element painting everyone’s nails, including Emma’s special birthday cupcake nails.

Cupcake Nails

This week it’s my friend Emma’s birthday, so of course I said I would do her nails for her. As she owns her own cake company, Mrs C’s Cakes, there was only one obvious design… cupcakes! I’d never attempted this design before so I was really excited.

Review: Rio Nail Art Kit

I recently bought a Rio Professional nail art kit. It was a bargain at £20 and had everything you need in it: 8 different coloured nail art pens A sample design chart of nails A step-by-step DVD and user guide showing nail art tips and techniques Rhinestone gems and gold glitter

Lemon Sparkle Nail Art

A fresh start for the New Year with Rimmel lemon scented nails and a signature pink heart on BarryM silver, all covered with Topshop glitter.

Nude 2013 Nails

Happy New Year! After the madness that was the festive season, I wiped off my birthday nails and started a fresh for the New Year. I decided upon a pretty subtle design, nude nails with pink dots and a signature gold nail with black dots and tiny flowers.