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Glitter and Stars

This week has been super busy for me and so I didn’t have the time to design something spectacular on my nails, so I cheated a bit and used star nail stickers…

Ladybird/Ladybug Nails

Spring is in sight, the sun has been shining and so the ladybirds are out. My inspiration for this design, as usual, came from Pinterest. It is a very simple design that is easy to create but looks really cute.

Textured BarryM Nails

Last month I saw BarryM were going to be launching their new textured nail polish on February 13th and I could not contain my excitement. It appeared to be a more affordable alternative to OPI liquid sand which I have wanted to try for quite a while but couldn’t justify the price.

Organised Nail Art

I am SO excited to finally have a proper storage case for all of my nail polishes, nail art tools and accessories. I bought it from Amazon and it was a bargain at only £20.99 (+£4.99pp). Now all of my nail polishes have a home and it much easier to open it for inspiration and see what nail polishes I have (so I don’t keep buying duplicates). I am also.. Read More

Show Your Love With Avocado

I love nearly all vegetables, but I can’t say I’m a fan of avocados. That aside, I was still intrigued by Avocado, ‘an application and platform designed for two people to build and share a life.’ Avocado allows couples to: Communicate using free and fast messaging. Share photos, collect moments and create a shared gallery. Build a library of your favorite personal expressions to easily resend over and over. Send emoticons with ‘funny face’.. Read More

Leopard Print Nail Art

This week I went wild with leopard print nail art. It is a design I had seen around on Pinterest and been meaning to try out for a while. As Tag a Trend‘s trend this week was leopard print, I thought this would be the perfect time to give it a go…