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Halloween Nails: Part Two

These are my final Halloween nails for 2013. I did like my other Halloween nail art but I think these are an improvement. They were very simple to create using BarryM nail art pens and dotting tools. The cobwebs just required a VERY steady hand.

Paprika Roasted Pumpkin Seeds – Quick and easy recipe

Halloween is fast approaching so last weekend I bought a lovely big pumpkin with the intention to carve it but also make pumpkin soup with insides. My boyfriend carved an awesome pumpkin (see my Instagram) and I made a huge batch of delicious spicy pumpkin soup. There were then lots of pumpkin seeds left over so I decided to roast them using the following super quick and easy recipe.

Winter Snowflake Nails

After my dark Halloween nails last week I fancied something a bit brighter and lighter. I opted for white snowflake nails and a little polar bear. The design was really simple and easy to create… I used BarryM for the white base and painted a couple of layers of Models Own snowflake glitter on top.

My Christmas 2013 in a Festive Nutshell

I love Christmas, not so much the day itself more just the run up to it. With just over two months to go, the air is starting to chill, Christmas catalogues are appearing outside shops and advent calendars are making their way onto supermarket shelves. I cannot wait to get into the festive swing of things. This year in particular as my boyfriend and I moved in together earlier in.. Read More

Spooky Halloween Nail Art

Halloween is just around the corner so out come the Halloween nails. Last year I (randomly) dressed up as a zombie My Little Pony so of course I painted my zombie nails with dripping blood. This year I’ve started early and just decided to design some fun Halloween nails this week…

Speed Sainsbury’s Wine Tasting

I am by no means a wine expert. I love drinking wine and have been to a number of wine tasting classes but as far as I’m concerned it all comes down to either you like the taste of it or you don’t. With this in mind, when I was sent a selection of wines from Sainsbury’s I decided to carry out a mini wine tasting session with my colleagues.. Read More