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My Stamp of Approval – August

There has been so much going on this month. From buying new pet fish to eating all the cheese possible at Foodies Festival. Our Breaking Bad fish! One Saturday a few weeks ago I was walking along to the Co-op with my other half when I decided we should get pet fish. I few weeks, research and a lot more money than expected, we welcomed our new pets; three fish.. Read More

Deadly day at the Edinburgh Dungeon

Last month I was invited to check out the Edinburgh Dungeon Carnivàle show (#DungeonsCarnivale). I excitedly accepted their offer and my boyfriend and I decided to make a day of it, we love our touristy outings, and visited the dungeon last Saturday. I have been a couple of times before in the 9 years I’ve lived in Edinburgh, but he was still yet to venture in. Outside the dungeon were carnivàle like activities, including.. Read More

Lots of love for Lvndr

Recently on Instagram I stumbled up Lvndr and OH.MY! I was in virtual jewellery heaven. Off I ventured to the website to see what else they had on offer and check out the prices – what a pleasant surprise I had… So here are the chain of events that quickly resulted in me becoming an owner of Lvndr jewellery. Shopping! After I discovered Lvndr on Instagram I began tweeting about my excitement and had quite a.. Read More

Edinburgh… I love you (most of the time)

Edinburgh is a beautiful and interesting city. To me, it is home. Yes it does rain a lot, it’s windy, it’s cold, it can be very miserable (or should I say ‘dreich’) – but I still love it (most of the time). I think this is reflected in the fact that I am forever sharing my Edinburgh life on Instagram – which is where this blog post comes in… Here.. Read More