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Easy DIY vintage IKEA drawers

Storage is one of my most favourite things, so IKEA is therefore one of my most favourite places. I imagine most people have had one of these IKEA chests of drawers at some point in my life. I got mine when I was about 11 years old and therefore my mum painted in silver and pink to match my bedroom. On a recent trip down to visit my parents I saw.. Read More

Easy roasted pumpkin soup

Halloween is a wonderfully fun and tasty time of year. Last year I shared my recipe on how to make quick and easy paprika roasted pumpkin seeds. This year it’s all about the soup!

Blondedge – Where Primark meets vintage

Last year I wrote a blog post about where you can¬†buy Primark clothes online. As anyone who has ever ventured into a Primark store will know, it can be like a manic jumble sale as you scrabble through the vast amount of bargain basement garments to find that one golden nugget – this could now be a thing of the past… A few weeks ago I was contacted by the.. Read More