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‘Twas a very merry Christmas!

It was a fun 24 days but my #ChristmasJumperCountdown is now complete! If you missed any of my festive knits, here they all are… I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! Much love and warm wishes for 2016…

‘Tis the season

Christmas is just around the corner and I am feeling fantastically festive. In case you’ve missed it on Instagram or my Facebook page, I’m doing a daily #ChristmasJumperCountdown where I wear a different festive jumper every day in December. But that’s not all I’ve been doing, here’s what else I’ve been up to…

Christmas Jumper Countdown

As the clock strikes midnight on the 1st of December, the festive season begins in my world. I am well known for my love of Christmas and my slight obsession with cheesy knitwear. So this year I have decided to wear a different Christmas jumper each day in December in the run up to the 25th. And before you ask, yes I do have enough (I think)! Some people have thought I’m a.. Read More