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TSB Local Pride: Vintage Vibes Edinburgh

On Friday I joined the TSB and Pride of Britain teams on George Street in Edinburgh to take a wee selfie with a Mini to support their Pride of Britain campaign. Their fleet has been touring the country, from London to Edinburgh, to raise awareness of the Pride of Britain nominations and all the fantastic people, charities and causes we have in Britain. I’ve always loved the Pride of Britain awards so when.. Read More

Introducing brunch & naps

My blog has had a wee makeover! 🎉 Why? Well, simply put, I love brunch and I love naps. Of course, there is a bit more to it than that. As you probably know, I got married last year. I took my husband’s surname but as Jennie Stamp (my maiden name) is so unique, I kept it on most of my social media accounts. I also retained it for my blog,,.. Read More