Shpock is a new app that market themselves as a ’24/7 flea market’ or ‘mobile yard sale’. Two very American terms, but I love the concept around this digital buying and selling app. To me it just seems to be a more socially focused Gumtree.

As Shpock is available in German and English, I thought this might be a German word, but it’s not. Shpock comes from “SHop in your POCKet”. For this reason I don’t think it is a wise choice of name; “Hey, have you tried out Shpock?”, “What’s spock?”, “No, Shpock?”, “Have I tried your sock?” and so on.

With recession after recession, and the revival of charity shops and vintage chic, this app looks to be bringing the jumble sale into the modern age of digital.

Once you’ve downloaded the app, the only way to register is using your Facebook account. A smart move, not only to make it easier for the user, but also to reduce fraud and increase likelihood of genuine sellers. Then you can browse what is on offer… Its simplicity is definitely a redeeming feature. You take a photo of what it is you want to sell, here, in this example, this user is trying to sell a glass of water for 100GBP:

The price of water

I wasn’t sure if this water was worth that amount, so I asked for more information  This is quick and easy to do and gave me a fast response.

Although I didn’t end up buying the glass of water, I still found the app to be very user friendly and maybe I will buy something using it one day, if there is actually anything worth purchasing.

The competition

An alternative e-commerce site is ShopLocket. This platform claim the following to be what makes them different:

  • No storefront
  • No upfront fees
  • No risk
  • You and your friends can embed your products anywhere

As products become more disposable, making it easy for people to sell their existing clothes and other items can only be a good thing.

My verdict

I do see a future for these apps. Amazon offer new and used books, eBay offers everything, so a new app would have to offer something unique in order to disrupt the market. Shpock’s simple, user friendly design is attractive. Although I haven’t warmed to the name, maybe it does make sense, a quick and easy to use shop in my pocket (or hand bag).