At the end of May I was invited to attend a night time event at Edinburgh Zoo. I’ve always loved the zoo so what could be better than exploring the it at night with a glass of wine in one hand and some bacon and macaroni cheese in the other?

Edinburgh zoo nights #EZnights

I was super excited to be heading to the zoo with my other half on this sunny May evening. The dinosaurs face above just about sums it up.

Edinburgh zoo nights #EZnights  

We were given a couple of vouchers each for food and drink and then off we went to explore the zoo. There was one main area that had a few tents for food (gourmet burgers, noodles etc.), a bar offering a range of drinks, a live band and a little stage with other performances. Everyone was having a great time enjoying having a drinks in the open air.

Edinburgh zoo


Edinburgh zoo nights

We went for a walk around and at the top of the zoo we found their new dinosaur exhibition… There were dinosaurs – moving, roaring dinosaurs!


Real dinosaurs at #EZnights @edinburghzoo @joeyfantana


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The view from the top of the zoo is absolutely spectacular – zebras and everything!

Amazing views from Edinburgh zoo

There was even a wee silent disco!Silent disco at Edinburgh zoo

Who says dinosaurs are scary?Edinburgh zoo

Of course there weren’t just dinosaurs…Edinburgh zoo Edinburgh zoo Edinburgh zoo Edinburgh zoo

We had an absolutely fantastic night at the zoo – it was really well organised and the weather was perfect. Everyone there seemed to be in such high spirits and really embracing the atmosphere – this includes the animals!

To find out more check out the Edinburgh zoo website or follow them on Twitter.

Have you been to the zoo nights events? What did you think?







Disclaimer: I was gifted two tickets for free but this did not sway my review at all. I was 100% honest and very grateful to have been given this opportunity.