Let’s start by saying, I am not a techy, this is not a technical review. It is simply the opinion of an Apple lover who has recently been converted… to the other side!

Admittedly I have never owned a mac, but for a time I used one for work and also used an iPad for work daily. As I work in social media, and use Facebook heavily, the iPad stopped me from viewing the majority of Facebook insights – no Flash!

But the game changer was my phone. For the past 2 years I had a white iPhone 3gs and LOVED it, it was my baby and would have been lost without it! I was nearing the end of my long contract and also the expected launch of the new iPhone 5, when I was introduced to the Samsung Galaxy S2. I was wary at first, how could anything be better than the awesome iPhone?! Long story short, I took the plunge and decided to upgrade to the Samsung, by doing so I nearly halved my month contract and instead of paying for a new iPhone I got this one for free! I also sold my old iPhone and got £130 from Mazuma. But of course it was never all about money.

I was still very sceptical about Android operating systems. For years I had worn rosy Apple tinted goggles, and now I was no longer being spoon fed with the simplistic iPhone. However, I now had more freedom to do what I want whilst keeping my life in order, everything is now on my terms and I rule my phone, it does not rule me.

Some may say that Apple is easier to use than Android, and I would agree! But technology seems to be making life so simple for us that our brains may actually be turning into mush (I have no scientific research to back this up). So now I am happy to engage in a challenge, I didn’t just turn my new phone on and away I went, as I had with the iPhone. Now I have been spending weeks (sporadically) changing things, finding out new things, finding better ways, to do what I want and need.

I spoke to an Apple obsessed techy friend of mine, and all he had to say was “Ah but what about Siri!” This voice activated PA is all well and good, but nothing new. Voice activation is all everywhere, on many phones. But, who uses it? It all comes back to freedom. I don’t want to be some vegetable that just sits and talks to my phone telling it to do things, shouting at my kettle to make me a cup of tea and my robot to bring it to me and massage my feet (ok I might be getting a bit ahead of myself). But my point is, I like driving a manual car, not an automatic. Whilst I am all for an easy life, I still want to be in control of what I do, how I do it, and when. Is this just my OCD tendencies or human nature?

In the words of William Wallace, “It’s all for nothing if you don’t have freedom.”