These latest nails have to be one of my finest creations to date. I recently invested on some new nail art equipment; a yellow nail pen (I already had the pink pen) and some fine tipped brushes.

For this bee and flower design, I used two Rimmel PRO colours as my base coats as they are fast drying and give a nice even coverage. I started by drawing the flowers on the green nails, dotting the yellow pen for the centre and the pink pen for the petals.

Next I designed my bees. I used the yellow pen to draw a circle for the body on the pink nails, then when that had dried I drew the wings using one of the fine tipped paintbrushes and white polish. To do the fine black details, I used ink from my black nail art pen and dipped the pin (comes attached the the base of the pen) in it.

My boyfriend (artist) also wanted a go, so below is his bee.

Here is the finished result!!