This week Primark ventured into the realms of Instagram (yay!)…

Primark on Instagram

…And I have also found out that it is possible to buy Primark clothes online, from ASOS.

Primark ASOS


Primark (or Primarni) is known for being super cheap on the high street. Part of the reason that they can afford to be so cheap is that they don’t have an e-commerce store. They do have a website which features some of their clothes, but I always thought that if you wanted to buy anything you had to go to your local store, until today.

There is also an unofficial Primark website,, that could lead shoppers into believing they can buy the clothes but this site only provides images of the latest items with release dates (who knows if they’re accurate).

STOP! What’s this?

However, when digging further to see if any other online retailers stocked Primark garments I found this article:

Primark online

The article in explains that ‘Primark is to end its online trial with Asos and had insisted it has no plans to launch its own transactional website despite speculation that the value retailer was planning to.’ So, that seems like that’s that and we’re back to square one. Either grab the last remaining Primark bargans on or off we pop to our local high street…