I’m not one for a ranting blog post but this had to be written. NEVER use cash4phones.co.uk. I recently upgraded my phone from a Samsung Galaxy S2 to a Samsung Galaxy S4. So naturally, as I have done in the past, I wanted to sell my old phone. I looked around online and the best price on offer of £117 from Cash4Phones. At a glance the website looked OK. I should of course looked around at reviews of the company but I was very busy and quite desperate for the cash.

'Clever' couldn't be further from the truth
‘Clever’ couldn’t be further from the truth

I filled in my details on their website and they sent me the pre-paid envelope within a couple days, so far so good. I wrapped my phone up in lots of bubble wrap (they didn’t provide this) to protect it and posted it in the letter box.


A few days later I received an email from them. The ‘Good News’ opening line couldn’t have been more misleading if it tried.


So instead of the original £117 they said they’d pay me, they were now offering me £46.80 and seemingly I should be very grateful for this. The reason for this reduced offer was ‘excessive wear and tear’. This was completely untrue and there was barely a scratch on it. Their closing sentence ‘If you feel that there has been a mistake with your Order (unnecessary capital), please do give us a call’ – I would if you offered a phone number anywhere.

I was furious with this email, rejected the offer and requested to have my phone sent back to me. For this I had to pay £8.95. As you can see on the message above, the new offer was provided on 12th August 2012 and rejected by me the same day. By August 29th I still hadn’t received my phone so I decided to do some digging and investigate.

This time around I instantly noticed the lack of contact information. No links to any form of social media, one email address on their contact page but this was only for ‘New trade buyers’ so I filled in the contact form and researched reviews online. I soon had overwhelming déjà vu as I read the streams of reviews detailing the exact same as I had experienced:

trust pilot


trust pilot_2

Some people just never received their money:

trust pilot_3

Some have lost their phones for good AND  no payment:

trust pilot_4

To my surprise, I did receive a response from the message I sent them via their contact form. Thankfully they gave me a tracking number so I could track it on the Royal Mail website. I did this and found that my phone had been posted on 30th August, the same day they emailed my tracking number. I therefore believe that if I hadn’t contacted them then they never would have bothered sending me my phone back, as they clearly hadn’t with other victims.


NEVER use this site and please help me, and others, spread the word to stop using them and make sure no one else does either. Once I received my phone back I then used fonebank, much more professional and I got the money they first quoted. I just wish I’d used them first!