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Comic book nails

Firstly, thank you so much Models Own for creating these awesome nail art stickers. I love their ‘sticky fingers‘ range; nail polishes with a variety of stickers. I have previously tried the floral designs and loved them but these comic book nails are like nothing else – real statement nails!

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Pink daisy nails

I just love how vibrant the Models Own nail polishes are. They’re perfect for summer or even to brighten up a dull spring day. Floral nail art is one of the most simple designs to create. Similar to my purple daisy nail design, I decided to use my neon pink nail polish for the base and add daisies using nail art pens. This time I lengthened the petals but I think I do prefer my previous attempt.

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Five nail art tools you have at home

I first started experimenting with nail art about 4 years ago. At that time I didn’t have all my fancy nail art tools so I just had to make do with what I had in my home.

Home nail art tools
Tape, sponge, dental floss, hole reinforcements and a hair pin. Simple!

1. Scotch Tape

Tape can be used to section up the nails with clear lines of contrasting colours.

Tip: Make sure your first coat of nail polish is 100% dry before you apply the tape. After painting on the second colour, remove the tape when the polish as about half dry.

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Speckled egg Easter nails

This week I have been very busy starting my new job. I am now the outreach manager at FreeAgent which is a very exciting new challenge!

So, to accompany such a busy week I needed nails that looked pretty but were durable and would last well. I chose the Models Own speckled egg nail polish in ‘Magpie Green’. The colour is fab and it really does last well. But as usual, it lasts so well due to the fact that it is textured and therefore it is also a bit of a nightmare to remove!

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