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Surgeons’ Hall: Scandal and whisky

May was all about Surgeons’ Hall in Edinburgh. One weekend I was invited to attend a Scandal at Surgeons’ Hall organised by the museums and the next I attended my yearly Whisky Stramash.

Surgeons’ Hall is a beautiful venue in the heart of Edinburgh, just across the road from the Festival Theatre on Nicolson Street. It’s a development by the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh, and can be hired for conferences, meetings, weddings or other events.

‘Only ten minutes away from Princes Street and Edinburgh Castle, Surgeons’ Hall can accommodate between 10 – 300 guests and provides a truly unique venue in which to host your conference or event within the historic City of Medicine. Our hotel, Ten Hill Place, allows you to accommodate your guests or conference delegates in comfort and is situated adjacent to your chosen conference venue.  Ten Hill Place Hotel was recently awarded Conference Hotel of the Year 2014 at the Scottish Hotel Awards.‘ (source:

Steampunk hair and makeup by Miss Dixiebelle. Edinburgh (more…)

OPI Hawaii review

It’s been all about food and the our new kitchen on the blog recently so here’s something a bit different – nail polish!

I used to blog about nail art all the time and created quite a name for myself by doing so. I would still never EVER dream of leaving the house with bare naked nails but I don’t really have the time to commit to nail art like I used to. I was delighted to be asked to review the Hawaii Little Hulas Mini Pack. They are perfect for taking on holiday and the pink are green are just my sort of colours.

OPI mini nail polishes -

I decided to use the pink as the base and added some green dots using my nail art dotting tool. The little nail polishes are so cute and I was worried the brushes would be little and fiddly but they were a surprisingly decent size. I was a little disappointed by the coverage of the nail polish as after three coats it was still a bit patchy. OPI is one of the kings of nail polish (I usually opt for the cheaper BarryM or Models Own) so this was quite surprising.

OPI mini nail polishes - (more…)

Super speedy nail art

It has been quite some time since I blogged about nail art but as I just ordered a big haul of the new BarryM speedy quick dry nail polishes I thought they were definitely worth a mention.

As I have an ASOS Premier account, I had the luxury of being super lazy and instead of searching through Superdrug and Boots, I just ordered them all from ASOS and with the free next day delivery they landed on my desk, as if by magic, yesterday lunch time.

BarryM speedy nail art

BarryM speedy nail art
Colours left to right – Kiss me quick, Lap of honour, Pole position, Eat my dust.


BeautiVine – Mobile hair and makeup in Edinburgh

Sometimes there is nothing better than spending a Saturday afternoon in a hair salon, basking in the relaxation, pampering and complimentary coffee. I love a good head massage as much as the next person. Last year I even found my new favourite hair salon in Edinburgh, Dean Jones Hair. However, there are also times when you just want to stay at home in your pjs, drink bucketfuls of tea and eat cheese on toast. Sounds pretty wonderful, doesn’t it?


May I introduce to you all my boyfriend’s super talented sister, Chelsea Greens (aka. BeautiVine). She’s a freelance specialist in hair, beauty and makeup based in Edinburgh, Lothian and Borders. Obviously I’m biased as she’s basically family, but she genuinely is very good at what she does. Last Sunday Chelsea came over to my flat and spent the afternoon pampering me. I was bored of my hair again so she gave me a subtle ombré colour and a voluminous blow dry.



My fabulous plan for 2015

These miserable, grey January days are the perfect time to have a good old think about the year ahead. As I’ve just turned the grand old age of 28, I’m old enough and wise enough to know that there is little point in me making new years resolutions shrouded in false hope. Instead I have just created a list of things that I hope to do/improve/work on, so here they are…

My fabulous 2015 plan (more…)

Hair haven at Dean Jones Hairdressing

The lovely Dean Jones very kindly invited me for a complimentary cut and blow dry in his new salon, Dean Jones Hairdressing, on Elm Row in Edinburgh. I was delighted with this offer as it is just a 20 minute walk from my flat and anything to do with pampering or treating my hair makes me very happy!

Just a month or so ago I decided enough was enough and I had 5 inches cut off my hair by my boyfriend’s lovely sister, Chelsea. As you will be able to tell from the photo below, my hair was SUPER long as it is still long now. So in my appointment with Dean I wasn’t keen on getting much cut off but I told him my hair woes and together we decided on a plan of lots more layers to give it the volume and texture I’ve been craving. The result… I love it!

Dean Jones Hairdressing

From the beginning…

From the outside you could be forgiven for completely missing the salon. As Dean explained, they don’t have a sign on the outside as it is a listed building. They do however have a wobble board on the pavement and the name in frosting on the glass door. I quite like this, it makes the salon somewhat of an Edinburgh hidden gem and adds to the exclusivity of it.

Dean Jones Hairdressing

I was greeted at the reception desk by a lovely young girl and asked to take a seat on the cute wee sofa in the window. Here I was offered tea/coffee while I waited and so I opted for a cappuccino. The decor inside is lovely; very minimalist which might not be to everyone’s taste but I found it really bright and fresh. Dean assured my that they will have images from their recent photo shoot up on the walls soon which will add more personality.

Dean Jones Hairdressing

Dean came in and gave me the warmest welcome. We sat down and had a chat about the brief history of the salon, his hairdressing history, my blog and most importantly, my hair! I explained my hair past of getting it all cut off when I was about 19 and regretting it deeply and vowing never to get it cut again – well, an inch off here and there. Luckily my hair is thick and grows fast so although I recently got 5 inches cut off it, it’s still long. I explained that I always struggle to get volume and don’t like when hairdressers blow dry my hair flat to my head. He whipped out his iPad and we had a look together at a variety of hair styles on Pinterest so he could explain what he thought we be the way forward.

We decided on not really taking anything off the length, just tidying it up, and adding lot of layers. I was taken to get my hair washed by one of the girls. Dean advised her to use a hydrating shampoo and I enjoyed a relaxing wash and massage.

Dean then chatted some more to me and started to cut my hair. Before cutting a chunk off he showed me what he was cutting first so I didn’t have a heart attack when I saw the hair fall. This was a really considerate touch and showed what a professional he is and how much he cares about his work.Whilst working on my hair he was also keeping an eye on the other appointments around the room that were in full swing, gently giving advice to the girls as they completed cuts and colours.

Once the cut was done he blowed dried my hair. This was a blow dry unlike any other blow dry I’ve ever had before! The amount of volume and live he gave my hair was unbelievable. What’s even better is that from watching him do this and chatting to him, I now believe I can do this myself too.

Dean Jones Hairdressing

After my appointment I walked home with a spring in my step. As I said at the beginning, I love what Dean has done to my hair. He listened to me and I ended up getting exactly what I wanted. Thank you so much to Dean and all of his lovely staff for a wonderful experience.

If I am ever given freebies or asked to review somewhere, I am always 100% honest. I genuinely did love this salon and Dean kindly gave me a few discount vouchers which I’m handing out to my friends as I will definitely be going back so I think they should too.

Check out Dean Jones Hair on Facebook or on Pinterest and their website (links earlier in the review). I also added the salon to Yelp so I’m sure he’d love a review if you visit. If you do pop into this salon then I’d love to know how you get on!