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Pastel summer nails

Last week’s nails were all about Rimmel! I painted all of my nails with Rimmel PRO ultra violet then added flowers using nails art pens that I got from Paperchase. To finish the look off I added a matt Rimmel top coat.

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Italian wedding nails

Making sure your nails last the length of your holiday can be tricky, unless you use shellac (which I never do). My other half and I have just returned from a week long break in Italy which involved a trip to Ravello for a wedding then sight seeing and relaxing in Rome for a few days. I will of course publish a blog post soon containing all the details and photos. Before we left I decided on the best nail design that would be pretty (for the wedding) yet long lasting. I chose the BarryM textured nail polish and BarryM glitter…

Italian wedding nails

These photos were taken as I sat and sunbathed outside our apartment in Ravello, just hours before the wedding. The views were stunning and the bright sunshine complimented my glitter nails perfectly!

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Comic book nails

Firstly, thank you so much Models Own for creating these awesome nail art stickers. I love their ‘sticky fingers‘ range; nail polishes with a variety of stickers. I have previously tried the floral designs and loved them but these comic book nails are like nothing else – real statement nails!

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Pink daisy nails

I just love how vibrant the Models Own nail polishes are. They’re perfect for summer or even to brighten up a dull spring day. Floral nail art is one of the most simple designs to create. Similar to my purple daisy nail design, I decided to use my neon pink nail polish for the base and add daisies using nail art pens. This time I lengthened the petals but I think I do prefer my previous attempt.

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Five nail art tools you have at home

I first started experimenting with nail art about 4 years ago. At that time I didn’t have all my fancy nail art tools so I just had to make do with what I had in my home.

Home nail art tools
Tape, sponge, dental floss, hole reinforcements and a hair pin. Simple!

1. Scotch Tape

Tape can be used to section up the nails with clear lines of contrasting colours.

Tip: Make sure your first coat of nail polish is 100% dry before you apply the tape. After painting on the second colour, remove the tape when the polish as about half dry.

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