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Paprika Roasted Pumpkin Seeds – Quick and easy recipe

Halloween is fast approaching so last weekend I bought a lovely big pumpkin with the intention to carve it but also make pumpkin soup with insides. My boyfriend carved an awesome pumpkin (see my Instagram) and I made a huge batch of delicious spicy pumpkin soup. There were then lots of pumpkin seeds left over so I decided to roast them using the following super quick and easy recipe.

Quick and Easy Paprika Roasted Pumpkin seeds recipe


My Christmas 2013 in a Festive Nutshell

I love Christmas, not so much the day itself more just the run up to it. With just over two months to go, the air is starting to chill, Christmas catalogues are appearing outside shops and advent calendars are making their way onto supermarket shelves. I cannot wait to get into the festive swing of things. This year in particular as my boyfriend and I moved in together earlier in the year so it’s our first Christmas together in our lovely little flat. I can’t help but plan my way up to Christmas, so here are my next couple months in a nutshell…

Let it snow (more…)