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Our Pinterest wedding

Nearly 3 months ago, we got married! 👰🎉❤️🍾💐

We had the most amazing day and couldn’t have been any luckier with the stunning Scottish weather. I realise this is very cliché but I really did marry my best friend at a beautiful venue, surrounded by all of our friends and family.

Pinterest played a huge part in planning our wedding and we took so much inspiration from it. Therefore I couldn’t let the best day of my life pass without sharing a few photos…

Our Pinterest wedding at Dunglass Estate
Dunglass Estate
Our Pinterest wedding
Dried rose petal confetti


We got married!

This is just a very quick blog post to say that after a year of planning we finally got married! It was the most beautiful and amazing day of my entire life and I could not be happier!

Here are a couple of photos from the day but a proper blog post will follow in the next few weeks.

We got married!

We got married!

I just want to say a big thank you to everyone who has been a part of our special day and of course, a HUGE thank you to my new husband for being the most amazing and loyal person I know.

More to follow soon…

Love from Mrs J A.

Wedding planning: the home straight 🎉

As I enter the home straight in the weeks running up to the big day I thought I’d share some more of the things I’ve learnt over the past year. I was planning on blogging a lot more about wedding planning but to be honest, I’ve never been so busy, tired and fatigued in my whole life as I have this past year. It has been super stressful but I know 100% that it will be worth it.

So if you’ve just got engaged or you’re already in the depths of wedding planning, here are a few of my bride-to-be tips…

Honest wedding planning tips


Always remember why

What is the one reason why you’re getting married?

This shouldn’t be a difficult question but when you’re knee deep in unrealistic Pinterest dreaming, it can be easy to forget it. My reason is that I love my other half and want to commit to spending the rest of our lives together, through the difficult times and the happy times. Honestly, I don’t care about the rest. Okay, I do but I’ve found that as long as I keep reminding myself of this one goal of our wedding day then everything else will be okay and all fall into place. Don’t worry!

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Wedding planning – what I’ve learned so far

Since we got engaged at the beginning of June we have been full steam ahead with our wedding planning. This isn’t because I have turned into some sort of crazy bridezilla, it’s because we wanted to get married next summer and available dates are already very few and far between.

I think it’s going pretty well so far, I think, but then again neither of us have planned a wedding before so we have nothing to compare this to. I say ‘pretty well’ as there have already been some minor bumps but they are all learning curves. Hence why I thought I’d share them with you all.

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Mr & Mrs

This is a very short but sweet blog post. I just wanted to share the biggest news of my life so far… on Friday 5th June my other half asked me to marry him! I have never felt so happy in my whole life.

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