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Show Your Love With Avocado

I love nearly all vegetables, but I can’t say I’m a fan of avocados. That aside, I was still intrigued by Avocado, ‘an application and platform designed for two people to build and share a life.’

Avocado allows couples to:

  • Communicate using free and fast messaging.
  • Share photos, collect moments and create a shared gallery.
  • Build a library of your favorite personal expressions to easily resend over and over.
  • Send emoticons with ‘funny face’ headshots that only one person understands and loves.
  • Selectively share photos to Twitter as a couple.
  • Share lists for everything from weekly groceries to new date ideas.
  • Build a complete archive of a relationship for walks down memory lane. (more…)

Top 15 Fashion Accounts on Pinterest

The amount of time I spend on Pinterest has not decreased since I first laid eyes on this wondrous site. If anything it has increased. I have put my many hours that I have dedicated to the site to good use and compiled a top 15 list of fashion and beauty brands on Pinterest, from UK fashion stores to worldwide style magazines. So, in no particular order, here they are…


Oasis Fashion Pinterest

  • 32 Boards
  • 963 Pins
  • 120 Following

The majority of Oasis’ Pinterest boards have the prefix ‘Oasis Loves…’ and then items such as ‘animal print’ and ‘peplums’. With over 900 pins the brand has built up a nice collection of images and a decent following.


A New Year, A New Blog

The festive period has provided me with a lot of time to think and reflect. Now we are firmly in 2013 and the world hasn’t ended, I have decided to give my blog more of a focus…

One thing that still amazes me about social media, and what some people still don’t get, is the vast array or platforms, apps, communities and tools that the term encompasses. The rise of niche, interest based social networks is something that really interests me but I struggle to keep up with. It is simply not possible to be a part of every social network. So what I have decided to do is focus my blog and this is how…

As I discover new social apps and platforms I will use and review the ones that catch my eye. I have reviewed new social media before but now this will be my main aim. I hope you all find this useful!

Merry Christmas, Love Social Media

The festive season is well and truly upon us, but this year I’ve been thinking… how have social media platforms changed Christmas? Are they making us more or less social? Well here are my top tips for using social media during the festive season…


How to use Pinterest for the best Christmas EVER!

Why is Pinterest so perfect for Christmas? Whether you love to be organised or not, Pinterest can definitely make your life easier during the festive period.

Gone are the days of hand writing your Christmas list and posting it to the North Pole (apologies if any children are reading this), this year Santa is looking at Pinterest. Pinning items you see online is the ever so unsubtle way of telling those around you what you want.


A Digital Flea Market

Shpock is a new app that market themselves as a ’24/7 flea market’ or ‘mobile yard sale’. Two very American terms, but I love the concept around this digital buying and selling app. To me it just seems to be a more socially focused Gumtree.

As Shpock is available in German and English, I thought this might be a German word, but it’s not. Shpock comes from “SHop in your POCKet”. For this reason I don’t think it is a wise choice of name; “Hey, have you tried out Shpock?”, “What’s spock?”, “No, Shpock?”, “Have I tried your sock?” and so on.

With recession after recession, and the revival of charity shops and vintage chic, this app looks to be bringing the jumble sale into the modern age of digital.