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Pinterest; The Marmite of the Internet

Now the hype surrounding Pinterest has calmed down a bit, have people become bored of it? It’s time for me to voice my opinion…

Yes, I know everyone and their dog has written a blog post about Pinterest, but I couldn’t help but voice my opinion. I love it; my name is Jennie and I think I might be addicted to Pinterest, there I said it. But even with true love, things are not perfect, Pinterest and its users have their faults. To be honest I did think the novelty would wear off. But it hasn’t! And I see a future together with it. (more…)

I Think There’s Something ‘Between’ Us

There are two sides of my personality that were fighting against each other to decide which angle to take with this blog post about an app which is specifically just for couples. The fact is, super cliquey, coupley couples ARE annoying. The whole “No, you hang up first” cliché is not something I will submit to. On the other hand, I am an affectionate person and like my other half to be so too. But there is a time and a place for this ‘couple time’. If it can’t be behind closed doors, then is this app that place?

What would couples achieve from this that they can’t get from other methods of communication?


Twitter Zoo


I was introduced to @WeirdHorse by my lovely friend, @iamsarapdot, and it was love at first tweet. It may come as a bit of a surprise to some of you, but I definitely have a bit of a geeky side to my personality and this twitter account (or horse) definitely satisfies it.

Since I first found the horse, my eyes have been opened to many more funny animals on who are active on social media. From the fairly innocent horse, to the outrageous fox. There is an animal for everyone.


I’m here, where are you?

As I sit here in Starbucks, having ordered my skinny cappuccino and muffin, the first thing i do is check-in on Foursquare and Yelp. This is a couple of minutes of my life that I will not get back, so I ask myself, why do I do this? Do I just want people to know where I am? By sharing my check-ins on Facebook and Twitter, is this my way of trying to get people to interact with me? Am I simply embracing my human instinct to share information with others? Or is it the gamification aspect that is feeding my competitive nature to get points and ultimately become the mayor/duchess?


Share the social love

Love at first type <3

One aspect of social media that has always intrigued me is its relationship with online dating and the opportunities it holds. How can social media assist people searching for that special someone? Or can it hinder the process?

We all know of dating sites such as and eharmony, but what about just using social networks such as Facebook and Twitter to meet people? Is it possible to approach someone using these platforms without coming across as a bit creepy or stalkerish?