If you’ve been to my blog before then you’ve probably seen my post about what it’s like living with MS.

At the beginning of the year I was feeling pretty fed up of living with this awful disease and I decided to raise money and help others who I know are in a much worse way than myself. I also wanted to really challenge myself and so I committed to a charity abseil off the Forth Rail Bridge to raise money for the MS Society.

A few weeks ago… I did it!

MS Society abseil - brunchandnaps.com blog

Overwhelming support

To say I was overwhelmed by the support and generosity of friends, family and even strangers would be a massive understatement. I can’t begin to explain how grateful I am and how completely loved everyone has made me feel, in particular my absolute gem of a fiancé.

Over the past few months I raised over £3,000 for the MS Society. In the beginning I dreamed of raising £1,000 and never imagined how kind everyone was going to be.

MS Society abseil - brunchandnaps.com blog

No turning back!

On the big day, just before the abseil, I met the other people who were also doing it to raise money for the MS Society. They were a lovely bunch who had a range of different reasons for doing it; from loved ones who had the disease to those in a similar position to myself. Together we have all made a real difference and raised a fortune!

We were all kitted up with our harnesses, gloves and helmets and we headed up to the top of the bridge. It was just a little chilly up there but the views were spectacular.

As I stepped over the rail at the top of the bridge and started to dangle in the air with a165ft drop below me I felt a rush of excitement and pride. I was absolutely exhausted and overwhelmed by fatigue but the feeling of determination overruled it all. I was a little scared by the height but the overwhelming feeling was of pride and thinking about how much money I’d raised for the MS Society.

I smiled the whole way down to my amazing friends and family cheering me on below, knowing that they had all played a huge part in helping me to achieve this amazing challenge.

MS Society abseil - brunchandnaps.com blog


I really do see this is one of my lifetime milestones. It was an amazing experience for so many reasons and I will never forget it.MS Society abseil - brunchandnaps.com blog

So for now I just want to say one final THANK YOU to all of the amazing people who donated and supported me.

A special thank you to my wonderful family, friends and my truly one in a million fiancé.

MS Society abseil - brunchandnaps.com blog

Much love.