I was recently invited to review Chop Chop; a popular Chinese restaurant in Edinburgh, and I was delighted! I remember when the restaurant shot to fame a few years ago when they were featured on Gordon Ramsay’s show searching for the UK’s best local restaurants.

I love Chop Chop but hadn’t been there in a couple of years so I was keen to see if it was as good as I remembered. I booked straight away and took my boyfriend on a lovely free date (I’m too good to him sometimes) last Friday after work.

Chop Chop review
The full feast!

Sadly Chop Chop have recently closed their Leith branch (we would have chosen to go there) but they do now have another restaurant in Glasgow. We visited their original venue on Morrison Street in Edinburgh which offers an authentic dining experience, or if you just fancy staying in, they also offer takeaway.

The staff are lovely, if a little quirky – I say this in the nicest possible way. Their genuine no-nonsense approach is very endearing and they are happy to help if they can. For example, we were going to get a fried rice each but were advised that one was probably enough, and it was. When the dishes are brought out to your table, as and when they’re ready, they also remind you what each dish is. This is vital so you can order more of your favourite!

Chop Chop Edinburgh
Sparkly red tables taken from the recently deceased Chop Chop Leith 🙁

As you can see below, when we turned up the restaurant was a little on the quiet side. However, this was understandable for 6pm on Friday evening. When we left after 7pm, it was packed.

Chop Chop Edinburgh
We were supper keen having dinner at 6pm – it was packed when we left after 7pm!

When I’d visited the restaurant in the past, I usually opted for their banquet option. Not necessarily because my eyes are most definitely bigger than my belly, but because this is a great opportunity to try lots of different dishes. The banquets are well worth doing, especially if it’s your first time, and they’re pretty reasonably priced at £20.25 per person. This was also how I discovered my undying love for their fried aubergine – it is addictive!

Chop Chop Edinburgh
Fried rice (left) and pan-fried aubergines with fresh garlic and spring onion (right)

If you ever see a deal for Chop Chop on sites like Groupon then grab it – it’s such a bargain! If you don’t have a voucher and order individual dishes then it can start to get quite pricey so choose wisely.

Chop Chop Edinburgh
Crispy Northern Beef (front) and Marinated pork (back)

Try the dumplings! Both fried and boiled so you get a decent understanding of why Chop Chop is so famous. You can read more about the history of Chop Chop here.

Chop Chop Edinburgh
Boiled pork and chive dumplings (front) and fried beef and chilli dumplings (back)

I wouldn’t normally order a dessert but on this occasion I was persuaded by our waiter and we splashed out on an ice-cream dumpling and some sorbet. If I’m honest, the dumpling wasn’t my cup of tea but I can see how it would definitely appeal to some people.

Chop Chop Edinburgh
Chocolate ice cream dumpling, mango sorbet and lemon sorbet

The result:

A dumpling-tastic evening which left us full to the brim and with big smiles on our faces. Although we technically went on a date, and this was fine, Chop Chop is great for groups. You can all opt for the banquet and just feast all you can eat – challenge accepted?

Foodie highlights: Dumplings and the aubergine

Cost: Mid-range

Staff: Friendly and a little eccentric

Ambience: Bustling with glittery red tables

Tip: Be careful not to left your eyes get the better of your belly!


Disclaimer: I was invited to review Chop Chop and we were given complimentary food but paid for our drinks. The free food did not influence my review and it is 100% honest.