Firstly, thank you so much Models Own for creating these awesome nail art stickers. I love their ‘sticky fingers‘ range; nail polishes with a variety of stickers. I have previously tried the floral designs and loved them but these comic book nails are like nothing else – real statement nails!

Comic book nails Comic book nails In this pack you get a black nail polish and a sheet of comic stickers. It is ever so slightly fiddly to peel the stickers off but that is just me trying to find a fault. Once they’re stuck down I applied a couple of layers of a top coat to protect them as the edges can stick up a bit and catch on things.

Comic book nails Comic book nails

The nail polish I used:

Comic book nails

My verdict:

I love these nails. They are so eye catching and look great yet they couldn’t be any easier to apply. My tip is to just make sure you apply 2 or 3 layers of a good quality top coat to stop the stickers from catching on things and coming off.