Prepare yourselves for a mammoth steak-fest of a blog post. My visit to Steak on Stones has to be one of the most photogenic blogging missions I have been on.

The restaurant is joined onto Steak Edinburgh. I have previously visited here when I was lucky enough to win their #SteaknShakeED competition they run each week on Twitter. So when I was invited to review their new venture, I knew I was in for a treat.

Steak on Stones, Edinburgh -

These two restaurants are super central. Across the road from the Edinburgh Playhouse theatre and a 5 minute walk from Waverley train station.

Steak on Stones, Edinburgh -

When we entered we were greeted by a lovely lady who took our booking and showed us to the Steak and Stones bar for a pre-dinner drink.

Steak on Stones, Edinburgh -
Ahead: Steak. Left: Steak on Stones. Right: Downstairs to Beer & Skittles.

The bar is a cosy little room that is joined onto the restaurant area and looks out onto the bustling area outside.

Steak on Stones, Edinburgh -

We were then moved through the restaurant and seated at a lovely spacious and clearly brand new table – there was a bit of sawdust on our seats. This all just added to the rustic experience.

We’d chosen a bottle of Malbec when we were in the bar so this found us at our table. It was a lovely light red, perfect for the impending steak.

Steak on Stones, Edinburgh -

We were taken through and seated in a room which was joined onto the main restaurant area. It was nice here and we didn’t feel left alone or out of the way; there were always staff popping in and out. However, it was very chilly in there! I suppose that is one of the downsides of these high ceilings in the traditional tenement buildings in Edinburgh. We sat at a big round table (LOTS of room for food) the same as the one on the far right of the picture below.

Steak on Stones, Edinburgh -

Let’s get started!

The only option for a ‘starter’ was bread. However, this wasn’t just any bread. Sadly I can’t remember what our waitress said (and it isn’t on the menu) but it was toasted and covered in some sort of delicious melted butter. It was nice and light and I’d definitely recommend you giving it a try.

Steak on Stones, Edinburgh -

Now for steak, stones, sauces and sides

Next up was the main event! They have a great range of sides (£3.50 each) on offer and we opted for the mixed chilli greens, sweet potato mash and chips. The greens just had a slight spice and it seemed to mostly consist of cabbage, nonetheless it was very tasty and I would absolutely order again.

Steak on Stones, Edinburgh -
Mixed chilli greens

The sweet potato mash was silky smooth and covered in walnuts. I desperately want the recipe as I could have eaten it by the bucketload!

Steak on Stones, Edinburgh -
Sweet potato mash – half eaten before I could take a photo


The chips… decent!


Time to get cooking…

I loved the theatrical arrival of the plate piled high with raw meat (£12 per 200g – we got £400g), followed by the molten hot stone. As I was quite chilly, this roasty, toasty plate was very welcome (plus I was ravenous!).

There were no instructions apart from sprinkle the stone with rock salt and then cook your steak. So here is my step by step guide showing how we cooked our perfect pieces of meat.

Steak on Stones, Edinburgh -

Our 400g mound of meat…Steak on Stones, Edinburgh -

If you didn’t fancy steak then there are a few other options for your main course such as fish and chips or smoked mac and cheese (which I’ll definitely be trying).

Steak on Stones, Edinburgh - IMG_20150321_080428 Steak on Stones, Edinburgh - brunchandnaps.comWe chose 4 out of the 5 sauces (£1.50 each):

  • Sambal
  • Wasabi hollandaise
  • Pepper sauce
  • Jerk mayonnaise

There was also a fresh horseradish option but neither of us fancied this. All sauces were really nice and served in cute little pots. I was just thankful that we ordered so many as the pots were tiny. Everything was just so delicious I wanted more!

I had no idea what the sambal sauce was but our waitress explained it was a combination of green chillies, coriander and some other ingredients – quite unusual but I loved it.

Steak on Stones, Edinburgh -


I am not a dessert person at all, as I said in my review of The Magnum bar and restaurant. One of the only dishes I could be swayed by would be fruit crumble and custard. This was until I saw filled doughnuts in the Steak and Stones menu. I do love a filled doughnut and their choices were right up my alley; fudge, jam, custard or apple. I opted for custard and my date went for fudge. They looked fab and they were freshly cooked and lovely and warm. However, I was pretty disappointed as the filling was clearly added after they were cooked and this was pretty minimal. It might be personal preference but I would like to see a lot more tasty filling oozing out.Steak on Stones, Edinburgh -

Post dinner drinks

After dinner we popped downstairs to their bar below, Beer & Skittles. Here I thought it was only right to have a Skittles cocktail.

Beer & Skittles, Edinburgh -

I was unsure about Beer & Skittles when it first opened as I’m not a beer drinker. However, they have recently expanded their menu to include a range of tasty cocktails so they now have something for everyone – comfy seats, TVs for sport, a dart board, a free pool table, a great drinks menu and snacks.

I really enjoyed my visit to Steak on Stones and will definitely be back. It would be a great date venue (unless they’re veggie) or a chilled dinner with friends. Huge thank you to Steak for inviting me and giving me this opportunity!

To find out more visit, follow Steak Edinburgh on Twitter or Facebook.

Disclaimer: This meal was provided for free but this did not sway my review at all. I was 100% honest and very grateful to have been given this opportunity.