This Halloween I decided to opt for the creepy doll look. I’m not freaked out by dolls but plenty of other people seem to be so I thought it was a good option. I’m normally all about the blood and gore on Halloween so this was a very different sort of costume for me, a bit normal perhaps.

I collected lots of inspiration on Pinterest and after a trial run or two this was my finished look:

Halloween creepy doll make up

It was pretty easy to create, all I needed was the following:

  • Big false eye lashes
  • Black eye liner
  • Eyebrow pencil
  • Bright pink blusher
  • Red lipstick
  • Lots of eye shadow

Step by step guide:

  1. Applied my usual foundation over my whole face including my lips.
  2. Applied lots of blusher just to the centre of my cheeks so they looked like they were very round and sticking out.
  3. Used lots of eye shadow and applied it right up to my eye brows, darker shadow closer to my eyelashes and gradually getting paler as it got closer to my brows.
  4. Applied a thick line of white eye liner to my lower lids.
  5. Stuck big false lashes to my upper lids, making sure they extended past they outer edge of my eyes so make my eyes seem larger.
  6. Added a thick line of black eye liner below the white eye liner and carefully drew on the lower lashes.
  7. Using the same black eye liner I drew lines down my chin from the corners of my mouth to give the ventriloquist doll appearance.
  8. Using the red lipstick I added exaggerated small lips in the centre of my mouth.

I also back combed my hair, tied it into two plaits and added bows tied into ribbons on the end.

What do you think… creepy?