This week it’s my friend Emma’s birthday, so of course I said I would do her nails for her. As she owns her own cake company, Mrs C’s Cakes, there was only one obvious design… cupcakes! I’d never attempted this design before so I was really excited.

Cupcake nails

The base coat for the spotty nails was BarryM Pomegranate Gelly Hi-Shine. Once this dried I added the dots using one of my new nail art pens.

The base for the cupcake nails was a peach coloured BarryM nail polish. Once this dried, I painted purple stripes down half of the nail for the cupcake case. Above this I dotted and filled in white nail polish using a pen. Once all of this dried I Added a cherry dot on the top of the cakes and more dots on the frosting. All nails were covered using a Rimmel 5 in 1 top coat.

Cupcake nail

Here are all of the nail polishes I used: