Last month I was invited to check out the Edinburgh Dungeon Carnivàle show (#DungeonsCarnivale). I excitedly accepted their offer and my boyfriend and I decided to make a day of it, we love our touristy outings, and visited the dungeon last Saturday. I have been a couple of times before in the 9 years I’ve lived in Edinburgh, but he was still yet to venture in.

Edinburgh Dungeons
Scared, moi?!
Outside the dungeon were carnivàle like activities, including this fun ‘head through the hole’ cannibals…
Edinburgh Dungeons
Cannibal antics
We queued for a bit and then began our tour through the dungeon. This is the last photo inside as, for obvious reasons, photos are not permitted. One thing I would say is layer up! It is pretty roasty toasty down in the dungeon.
Edinburgh Dungeons
End of footage
Inside we were taken on a tour through the olden days of the city of Edinburgh, starting with a faux court case. This is great fun as they pick on people who have to go and stand in the docks to get tried for crimes such a cross dressing and dancing naked. The next few rooms took us through all sorts of gruesome Edinburgh history. My favourite room was where the cannibals resided. The actors were great fun, creepy and worked really well at involving the audience – many screams occurred.

Oh dear…

One thing that I was not very impressed by on the day was in the William Wallace room. The actor here was again great at interacting and getting us involved, however this did result in one member of our group losing an ear! The face of William Wallace was projected onto a head on a stick, which was quite fun… until we went to move onto the next room and this head made some remark that was clearly relating the the referendum. There’s a time and a place to mention this and this was not in. Slightly disappointed.
Edinburgh Dungeons
Spooky skull

The rides

The boat ride has existed in the dungeon for as long as I can remember. It is fun and scary because you’re in the pitch black. However, when I went this time it did feel a bit tired and old, like it needs a revamp. This might just be because I’ve been on it a few times but this was my other half’s first time and he felt the same.


The first new section that I hadn’t seen before was the Burke & Hare graveyard. Everyone is seated down on their individual grave stone thrones and I’m not going to spoil it for you but put it this way, I screamed a lot!
They also have a new ride. One of those rides that drops suddenly to the floor from a height with the purpose of mimicking a historical public hanging. I thought this was really well done and photos are taken when it drops which are hilarious (but overpriced to purchase) to see at the end. Sadly, our photo never appeared at the end, some sort of camera malfunction, so we never saw ours.


The Edinburgh Dungeon is great fun, a must see for tourists in the city, or even locals (like ourselves) who fancy a touristy day out. I really appreciate being asked to visit, although I still don’t know what the ‘carnivàle’ had to do with anything as it was just the same theme as every other time I’ve been.
Still, it was a really fun day out and if you fancy a scream and a giggle then go forth to the Edinburgh Dungeon!