The walk from Silverknowes to Cramond island is beautiful. It is easy to drive to from the centre of Edinburgh or you can even get the number 16 bus out there – this would leave you free to have a boozy picnic.

Tip: Definitely wear a hat and scarf – even in the summer months it can get pretty breezy.

Our reason for going for a walk here a few weeks ago was for me to practise using my new camera.

Cramond walks

Now you might see a bit of a pattern with my photographs here but there are LOTS of dogs along this walkway and they make fabulous, if a little challenging, subjects.

This woolly dog was my favourite subject and probably my favourite photo too. I really wanted to take him home with me but I figured that seeing as my boyfriend and I are both very allergic to dogs, and he has an owner, I thought it was probably best not to.Photo by

The day we went it was extremely cold, too cold for an ice cream as I couldn’t even feel my hands. Still fun for a photo though and one to remember for the summer.

Photo by

Another adorable wee dog trotting along. Loved his snazzy harness. Thankfully my camera has a great zoom so could observe from afar (a bit creepy, I know, but all with the best intentions).

Discovering Edinburgh -

At the end of the coastal walkway in the river which leads into the sea. There is another nice walk down here with lots of ducks. Unfortunately all the ducks with partaking in some sort of hibernation and were fast asleep.

There is also a wee cafe/bistro where the river meets the sea which is lovely and cosy, IF you can get a seat.Discovering Edinburgh -

I think this photo would make a great picture for the bathroom. The colours and textures in it are fantastic – such a gem to find washed up on the beach.Discovering Edinburgh -

This is the view along the whole walkway – Cramond Island. You can even walk out to the island but just be careful you don’t get stuck out there.Discovering Edinburgh -

I hope you enjoyed my photos. I took hundreds so this post could have been a lot longer. If you have any questions at all, just leave me a comment below.