Where has Facebook poke gone? Or more to the point, who noticed or cares?

Facebook haven’t eradicated this feature altogether, they have just decided to hide it, hopefully with the view to phase it out. Is this a case of Facebook growing up? Or just realising what a meaningless feature it was.

Facebook is constantly growing and developing, with the introduction of more recent features such as Facebook shopping, Mark Zuckerberg shows he really means business. It is part of many of our every day lives and I can only see this increasing.

To poke or not to poke?

Everyone has their own reason for using social media, but I thought we were past the days of the childish antics of Bebo, and maybe Facebook feel this too, hence the subtle hiding of poking. I no longer (did I ever?) want to see who has ‘poked’ me when I log onto Facebook. Especially seeing as one of the main reasons for poking is a sort of online flirting, so the people who have ‘poked’ me are generally ex boyfriends. The new and updated Facebook homepage is more practical, gone are the days of the littering of Farmville, sheep throwing and pokes.

Technology has developed in leaps and bounds since Facebook launched in 2004. We are over the funny gimmicks which initially made it fun. Social media has infiltrated our day to day lives whether we like it or not, it has a purpose, helping us interact, be social, and generally making our lives easier. I’m not saying all the changes Facebook make are desirable, but I am definitely happy with this one!