Back in March we started hearing about the hottest new restaurant in Edinburgh, The Table. It already had a lengthy waiting list and at a fairly steep price of £70pp we decided this would be a perfect venue for our first meal out in Edinburgh as a married couple at the beginning of August. We had a few days off after our honeymoon so we booked for the Thursday night. They only offer one sitting per night at 7pm but with 10 hours of prep time for the chefs and a 7 course meal to deliver, I’m surprised they can even offer this!


The restaurant is lovely, although it is more like sitting in someone’s fancy kitchen – 10 seats are all they offer, lined along the bar which overlooks the kitchen. Basically, the two chefs prep and cook everything literally 2 feet in front of you throughout the (up to) four hours you’re there.

So did it live up to the hype?

Dinner at the Table isn’t just a meal out. The whole evening is a wonderfully delicious, interactive experience from start to finish…

The Table, Edinburgh

It was an absolutely amazing experience, but don’t take my word for it; the photos in this blog post will speak for themselves. The menu changes frequently to incorporate fresh and seasonal ingredients but this is what we tucked into when we visited:

Cassius Cray

Melon Gazpacho with sobrassada and cray fish

Baron Silas Greenback

Poached egg with frogs legs and giroles

Fishy McFish-face

Monkfish cheeks with beetroot, coriander and citrus

Deer in the Woods

Wild roe deer with wild mushroom, blackberries and foraged herbs

Let it Brie

Brie mousse with apple, bacon, grapes and walnut

Werther’s not so Original

Caramel powder seasoned with Hebridean sea salt, inspired by Grant Achatz

Mon Petit Cherry

Cherry with chocolate and olive oil


The restaurant was opened on Dundas Street, Edinburgh in 2015 by chef Sean Clark, who is assisted solely by his brother. Sean just wanted to serve “outstanding food without formality and fuss in a friendly atmosphere”, and they have most definitely achieved this!IMG-20160814-WA0015 IMG-20160814-WA0014 IMG-20160814-WA0007 IMG-20160814-WA0019a 20160811_211116 20160811_211124

20160811_215733 20160811_213634


The Table, Edinburgh

The details

The restaurant has 10 seats and you can only book at 7pm. The cost is £70 per person but it’s BYOB so you can take along whatever you want to drink and they’ll store it in the fridge for you if need be. You will be there for approximately 4 hours so make sure you take enough beverages! However, they also offer a few soft drinks and tea/coffee at a supplement.

I think the restaurant is pretty booked up until the end of 2016 but if you have a special occasion coming up, or just fancy an amazing dining experience, visit to find out more and book.

If you do find they’re booked up, all is not lost. If you follow @TheTableEd on Twitter you’ll be alerted of any last minute cancellations!