A couple Saturdays ago I went to the Foodies Festival in Edinburgh. I’ve been for the past few years but though that over the past couple of summers it had gone down hill a bit. Seemed quite a bit smaller and fewer suppliers and stalls there. It also didn’t help that when we went last year it was pouring down with rain so I ended up eating a soggy hog roast roll whilst cowering under my umbrella.

This year the festival was SO much better – plus the sun was shining its socks off!! I had the best day with my other half as we walked around sampling ciders and cheeses, drinking prosecco cocktails and eating everything we could get our hands on. The lovely people at Pimms supplied a few deckchairs so we sat in them for a while and soaked up the sun too.

Earlier in the month I also hosted a competition on my blog to give away 2 free Foodies tickets courtesy of Wines from Rioja. A lovely lady called Fiona won and I hope she enjoyed the festival too.

Foodies Festival Edinburgh 2015

What made this year so utterly fantastic?

  • Sun! – granted this wasn’t controlled by anyone but I am still very thankful to Edinburgh for making sure the sun was out.
  • Bigger is better – not only did there seems to be more suppliers and stalls within the festival but it was just much more spread out and spacious.
  • Cash machines – although quite a few places did take card, it was great to discover a tent containing a couple of cash machines. They did charge you but it’s better than that than having to walk quite a distance to the nearest ATM.
  • More bins – over the past few years I have found the lack of bins to be slightly off putting. This year there was a bin every few yards and I noticed they were also frequently being emptied so they never overflowed.
  • More seating – there was lots of seating, from deckchairs in the sun to long benches under gazebos. As everything was also more spread out, there was lots of space for people to put down picnic rugs and just camp out on the grass enjoying the atmosphere.

What wasn’t so good?

  • Toilets (or lack of) – a few drinks in I ventured off to the portaloos where I discovered an enormous queue. I ended up going to the mens’ as there was no queue for them. There did seem enough toilets (4 blocks) but only 2 were open at that time.
  • Lack of food – this sounds silly I know, and I really am just pulling at straws here but I think there could have been a couple more stalls there cooking burgers etc. I remember a few years ago and the guys from Kezie Foods exotic meats were there and I had a llama sausage – bring them back!

Foodies Festival Edinburgh 2015

Take me back to my deckchair and my prosecco cocktail please!Foodies Festival Edinburgh 2015

The prosecco cocktails I was enjoying were courtesy of the lovely people at iheartvodka.co.uk. I opted for their passion fruit vodka with prosecco – delicious! I also tried their salted caramel vodka which was so tasty just served straight up! We also enjoyed many samples of the Stella Artois Cidre, hence all of the money off vouchers.

Foodies Festival Edinburgh 2015

I honestly had one of the best days ever. My other half and I spent some quality time together doing some of our favourite things – eating, drinking and soaking up some sun. This year will be hard to beat but I can’t wait for next year!

Thank you again to the lovely people at Wines from Rioja for the tickets for myself and my competition winner.

Did any of you go to the Foodies festival? What did you think?