Is it wrong that 91% of employers use social media to screen job applicants? (

This age old discussion; is what is on our social media really ours, and do we have the right to feel an invasion of privacy if a prospective employer decides not to employ us due to that drunken photo on Facebook, or that controversial tweet?

My opinion is that if you party hard at the weekend and work hard during the week and it doesn’t affect your job, then what does it matter! If you are coming into work half drunk, then yes, you would not be an ideal employee. But this couldn’t really be found out from someone’s Facebook page. It is all about making assumptions and judging on first impressions. Actually¬†47% of employers look at prospective employees’ social networking sites after receiving their initial application. So, because of the one photos, although your cv is perfect, you might not even get an interview. Unfair?

On the other hand, surely if you are going to invest your time and life in social media then it is your responsibility to check and modify your settings and make your profile private. So, if a prospective employer searches for your name then all they will see is your happy profile picture of you holding your dog, not the one of you passed out on the pavement last Saturday night. Of course this is not the case for all social media.

Twitter, to me, is somewhere to express your views and opinions. Online freedom of speech. It is a platform where people can show their passion for topics and generally have a chat. Unless you are some pro nazi extremist, then i think it is important to listen to and learn from other people’s opinions!

In the end it can be the luck of the draw at the time and depends who is searching your name. They may ¬†be open to get to know you in person, or do the old ‘judge a book by it’s social media profile’.