Hello, is anybody there?

I admit, when Google + was launched I didn’t make as much effort with it as I maybe should have done. Why? Probably because I thought it would soon fade away anyway, but is it going to?

Don’t get me wrong, I am one of Google’s number 1 fans! I use it for email, calendar, documents, etc etc. But my worry is, how difficult would it be to get people to move to a new social network? And what is the USP that would get them to do so? In order for interaction to occur, a significant number of friends/acquaintences all need to be joined and connected.

I am getting used to the ‘circles’ idea, and to be honest I don’t know why it has taken me so long. I am a very organised person (maybe a tad OCD) and cirlces allow me to group together and arrange my friends/interests how i want them. Yes I know, Facebook and Twitter have lists, but who has sorted all of their Facebook friends into groups? This time we are being forced to organise from the offset. And i like it!

Well if you will use Google+

I have connected with a few people, the majority of which I communicate with on Twitter so surely it would be a bit weird and unnecessary to suddenly start conversations on Google+ instead. No one wants to stand out from the crowd and be the one to try and move everyone to a new way of thinking. It is human nature to want to be where everyone else is, surely that is the ‘social’ way!

Of course there are the new business benefits of Google+. With the introduction of Google+ pages the main benefit with Google+ must be SEO. With it’s parent being the King of search, it is like the new kid at school being instantly popular just because their dad is Johnny Depp.

Google are making it easier still to join different areas and aspects of your life. I search on Google numerous times a day, and now it is easier to connect and bookmark my loves and interests using my Google+ account. Now when you search, if you type the ‘+’ before, then it lists the Google+ accounts. Granted there are currently very few, but this could be a useful tool.

The future of search?

Overall, I don’t know if I am confused or excited, I am still divided. I see the benefits of Google+ but it still looks very basic and it isn’t drawing me in like I wish it would. Maybe we need to see more collaboration between our social media, it should be about making life easier, not more difficult. There are many common features from other social networks in Google+ and I personally want to see something new and exciting, so come on Google, surprise me! 🙂