My usual home blow dry involves flipping my head upside down and blasting it. This does tend to be quite an efficient way of drying but I do end up with quite a few frizzy bits and need to run the straighteners over it.

My favourite Edinburgh hair salon is Dean Jones on Elm Row. I had a complimentary blow dry from Dean himself a few years ago and have been going back ever since. There’s nothing quite like a salon blow dry to boost your confidence and leave you feeling fabulous. So how can I replicate this in my own home?

Love a cheesy stock image 😂
Love a cheesy stock image 😂

Getting a sleek and bouncy salon-style blow-dry at home isn’t actually all that difficult. As long as you have the right tools and products to hand, and a willingness to go that extra mile, you can get professional level results – and at no extra cost, too. So what’s the secret? Read on…

Prep your hair

Salon-style hair always starts with flawless prep, and blow-drying is no different. Begin by towel drying your hair – starting straight off with a blast from the hairdryer is a no-no. Once you’ve got your mane ‘towel dry’, apply a little argan or coconut oil to nourish it, before using a wide tooth comb to gently remove any tangles. A heat protection spray is your next step: not only will it keep your hair from frazzling in the heat of the dryer, it will add a glossy sheen to your finished look, too.

Section your hair

Once you’ve fully prepped your hair, the next step is part it into sections – it’s much easier to dry your hair perfectly if you do it piece by piece, rather than all at once. It’s good to start with the under layers first, so that they’re not forgotten.

Start drying

The best way to dry your hair is to brush it from the roots to the tips, pulling the hair up and out as you brush while following the movement of your brush with the hairdryer. Dry each (previously parted) section one by one. Start at the back of your head before working your way round to the front.

If you have wavy or curly locks and want to know how to straighten hair with a hairdryer, the method is a tiny bit different. Start by rough drying the strands evenly. The next step is to pin up the top layers of your hair, as you’ll need to start with the bottom layers and work your way up. Get a round brush and drape a small section of hair around it at the root. Then angle the hairdryer down and pull the brush down towards the tips – move the brush and hairdryer along the length of your hair in sync. If you want to find out more about how to straighten hair at home, click here.

Use rollers for volume

If your locks lack volume, Velcro rollers provide great texture and lift, but there’s a knack to getting this bit right. You need to roll them along the hair and then fix each one by your scalp. Use a little hairspray to hold in place, and then move onto the next section. Be careful with extra-strong hairspray, though, as it can weigh the hair down and actually reduce the volume you’re trying to achieve.

Finally, preserve your blow-dry.

If you want your blow-dry to stay in top shape for the whole day, here’s a tip: loosely twist your hair into a bun, and clip it lightly. You can take it even further and make your blow-dry last into the next day by sleeping on a silk pillowcase – that will reduce friction and frizz.


Blow-drying your hair to a salon-quality standard is tricky, but with the right approach, you should be more than pleased with the overall result. Follow these simple steps and start your professional-looking hair routine at home today!