We are yet to have a proper snowfall in Edinburgh and are getting set for a bizarrely warm Christmas. However, when the snow finally does appear, I will be first out there making my snowman. Here are some for us all to aspire to…

First off, a little xmas kiss from a squirrel! The poor creature is going to be heartbroken when that melts! 🙁

Snow kisses

First challenge is this huge fat snowman! Looks a very sturdy fella.

Quite a big one

Another fatty, who is every so slightly scary!

Snow tires

This is a great effort, a sea of little baby snow people.

Attack of the snow babies

Let’s go wild a build an upside down snowman doing a hand stand! 🙂

Happy handstand

Now we get to the snow man professionals, starting with this amazing snow(bat)man!



Snow sex

I hope that child isn’t about to take R2D2’s head off with that shovel!

Impressive snow R2D2

Who’s for a game of snow poker?

Snow poker party

Crafty snow(spider)man!


Not quite a snow lego man, but still a cool piece of lego!

Snow lego

Much effort has gone into this snow dalek!


When show turns evil!

Snow heart

Then when snowmen take over the world!

When snowmen finally take over the world

And the turn on each other! Scared yet?

Snow horror

Finally, we have the tallest snowman in the world, measuring about 34 metres!!!

Largest snowman in the world!

So hurry up weather, bring us snow so we can get building!!! 🙂