Easy – Host a Social and Cocktail party.

Social and Cocktail evening

I was contacted last month by the Social and Cocktail guys and they offered me a free evening of cocktails in return for a wee blog post. I was delighted to be asked as we often host parties in our flat and I love cocktails – it was the perfect fit!

I didn’t quite understand at first – What do I need to do? Do I need to supply anything? Who do I invite? The answers couldn’t have been more simple.

What do I need to do?

The way it works is that you supply the venue and invite people and they do the rest; bring the bar, barman, drinks, glasses, ice and accessories. So off I went and set up a quick Facebook event, invited some friends and gave the flat a quick tidy.

Here is a quick video demonstrating what they do:

(Social and Cocktail on Vimeo)

As you can see, we had the perfect space for the bar to sit, in between our kitchen and living room. However, they can easily build this anywhere and it’s really quick to do (as I stood and watched).

Social and Cocktail event - brunchandnaps.com

Once set up the drinks started flowing very quickly. First up was a strawberry daiquiri, then a mojito, followed by a Bramble, passionfruit daiquiri and finishing with a Toblerone martini. A great selection of drinks and all very, VERY tasty.

Social and Cocktail event - brunchandnaps.com

The result: lots of very happy faces…

Social and Cocktail event - brunchandnaps.com

Our bartender Callum did a sterling job at keeping the drinks flowing. We were always well looked after and if there was anything that needed adapting, for example you didn’t like a certain spirit, then he would make an alternative to suit you. As a couple of my guests couldn’t make it there was a bit of booze left over so he made us a few extra drinks. They really do go out of their way to make sure you have an awesome night.

Social and Cocktail event - brunchandnaps.com

The Bramble was the cocktail I was looking forward to the least as I’m not a fan of gin (long story) but this was actually delicious.

Social and Cocktail event - brunchandnaps.com

My friend Steph even got involved and made her own passionfruit daiquiri – total pro.

Social and Cocktail event - brunchandnaps.com

The end of the night.

The night started at 7.30pm and finished around 12.30am. At the end of the night Callum tidied everything away, washed everything and voilà, I have hosted an awesome party with minimal effort.

Social and Cocktail event - brunchandnaps.com

Sound like something you might be interested in?

They work on a “cost per head” basis and the price will depend on which menu you select for your event.

  • Popular Menu – £25.00 per person
  • Premium Menu – £30.00 per person

If you think of how much you spend on a normal night out then you’ll see, this is great value. Usual cocktail prices range from £7-£12 each so why not just get a bunch of friends round to your house, £25 each and a few cocktails and everyone’s happy.

The price is fully inclusive and covers:

  • State of the Art Mobile Cocktail Bar
  • Professional Cocktail Bartender
  • Cocktail Mixing and Master Class
  • Cocktail Glasses
  • Ice + Garnishes
  • 5 fantastic cocktails per person

Social and Cocktail event - brunchandnaps.com

Social and Cocktail Events  are perfect for so many different occasions; birthdays, office parties, house warmings, wedding receptions and probably the most ideal of all, hen parties.

Social and Cocktail event - brunchandnaps.com

Thank you.

We all had an absolutely fantastic evening and I’d just like to thank our barman Callum and all the guys at Social and Cocktail for offering this to me. This has been a completely honest review and I would definitely hire them again in the future. Now I just need another excuse for a party…

Disclaimer: I was invited to review Social and Cocktail and we were given a complimentary cocktail experience. The free night did not influence my review and it is 100% honest. I really did love it that much!