Think that sexy and porridge shouldn’t appear in the same sentence together? Well I’m here to prove you wrong – look! Just look at it!

How to make your porridge sexy

I started buying frozen fruit to use in my smoothies but one day I decided to add a handful of frozen blueberries to my daily porridge. I’ve eaten this breakfast every morning for years – made with skimmed milk, cooked in the microwave and with a spoonful of honey to finish. What a winning decision adding frozen fruit to the mix was! It makes your already very healthy porridge taste so much better, as well as giving you one of your 5-a-day.

Some of my photos show the fruit sitting on top of the porridge but that’s just to make it look pretty…

*Top tip*

As soon as you add the fruit to your hot porridge, mix it in really well so the fruit defrosts and the porridge cools to an edible temperature. This is when you’ll end up with colourful porridge below.

Purple blueberry porridge.

How to make your porridge sexy

Blackberry porridge.How to make your porridge sexy

Blueberry and raspberry pink porridge.How to make your porridge sexy

Where to buy?

Frozen fruit can be found in most supermarkets but my preferred choice is Tesco as their fruit is now all sold in bags (rather than big plastic tubs) so it’s easier to pack in the freezer. They’ve also just launched their new ‘Breakfast fruit topper’ bag which contains tiny chopped up bits of strawberry, peach, pineapple and mango which is fabulous as it defrosts really quickly in the porridge.

How to make your porridge sexy

Let me know in the comments below if you have any porridge tips!