There are two sides of my personality that were fighting against each other to decide which angle to take with this blog post about an app which is specifically just for couples. The fact is, super cliquey, coupley couples ARE annoying. The whole “No, you hang up first” cliché is not something I will submit to. On the other hand, I am an affectionate person and like my other half to be so too. But there is a time and a place for this ‘couple time’. If it can’t be behind closed doors, then is this app that place?

What would couples achieve from this that they can’t get from other methods of communication?

The original title of this blog post, before I had explored the app, was ‘Sad Side of Social’. This obviously changed and this article will explain why.

My initial thoughts

Private networks built specifically for couples are apparently the latest social media fad. My first question was can this really be classed as social media? You are being social, but only with one person, no one else can see what you are saying or doing, it is exclusively for the two of you. Is this maybe more anti-social?

Maybe if your relationship is long distance, this could be a good idea. An alternate form of communication. But is it really necessary? There are many other ways to send a quick ‘I love you’ message or that cute photo of that thing that means so much to you both, but no one else would get because it is an ‘in joke’ between the two of you. Other options currently available include:

  • Whats App
  • Texting
  • Phone calls
  • Email
  • Twitter DMs
  • Facebook messages
  • Writing a letter (remember them?)
  • Etc., etc., etc.

Maybe I’m being too cynical.

The app for lovers

So after my initial thoughts were written down. I explored it further.

Let me introduce you to Between… “A mobile service that provides a secret place for lovers to communicate and keep their precious moments. Get started with taht special person right now”. I bet you just threw up a little didn’t you? Well I did too, hence my original title. But I couldn’t shoot it down without actually using it. I downloaded the app, purely for research purposes, and this what what I found:

Once downloaded, this was the first screen upon opening it. The fact that you have to enter in a ‘nickname’ and your gender instantly made it look more like a dating app. My sceptical side remained strong at this point.

Next, I realise that I can’t carry out this research alone, my other half needs to be involved. Makes sense seeing as it’s a ‘couples app’. So after he agreed to partake in my research, I entered in our phone numbers and we continued to the next level.

Now we are ‘Connected!!’ Do I feel like our relationship has been taken to the next level? Is it as big a deal or adding him as my other half on Facebook? No, it’s not. But it does seem quite sweet, our own little private world. I shudder again as I can feel myself being sucked into the ‘Between’ world. Notice the little love heart skipping along the time line as we get closer to completing our Between initiation. I feel a warm glow inside (not really, but it did seem an appropriate thing to say at this point). ‘Have a wonderful Between :)’ they say as we skip off into the virtual sunset together.

So, this is it. Where do we begin? Who makes the first move?

We add a photo of ourselves, an awful drunken one which I had to question where it was taken, but still a nice memory of happy times. We added a meaningful date, and the app calculates how long since that date.

As my other half and I weren’t in the same vicinity, we kept on using the app, chatting to each other, adding a couple photos etc.

Privacy Issues

In an interview with TNW, Between stressed the point that as there has been much publicity surrounding privacy issues with Facebook and Twitter, they see Between as a private way to share things with your loved one, without your boss, parents, ex partners, etc being in the same space and seeing.

Competition for your heart

Pair, launched after Between, has been labelled as Path for couples. I didn’t subscribe to this app, so I can’t really comment. But clearly this is becoming a competitive market. Embracing the social world when privacy issues are rife.

Times Change

Now at this point in writing my blog post, my feelings changed. No, not towards my boyfriend, but towards the app. I cringe whilst saying this, but I like it!

I am a girly girl; I like pink, flowers and hearts. So this app is cute, I can’t deny it. With little hearts with each notification. But the main colour scheme is blue (or aqua from a girl’s perspective) obviously a ploy for girls to convince their boyfriends/husbands to use it. The love hearts are subtle, not garish big pink things.

The big question; will we keep on using it? Well in the last few hours since its creation, I am still undecided. It is a sweet idea and maybe we will have a chat in the app every now and again. Or it could be a nice way to store those pics of those special moments, maybe not. When there are so many other methods of communication, will we even remember to use this one? Time will tell.

What is your opinion, would you use it? Or do you think it is cringe-worthy and unnecessary?