One of my favourite things to do in life is to chill out on a Saturday afternoon in a pretty, cosy cafe. Edinburgh is great for this, but my neighbourhood of Leith is particularly special.

The diversity of people, pubs, cafes and restaurants is what made me fall in love with Leith. From the recently opened Starbucks (I’m not ashamed to like chains too) to the vast range of little independent coffee shops featured in this blog post.

Whenever I’m driving or walking down Leith Walk there always seems to be somewhere new that catches my eye. Recently, there seems to have been an influx of cafes so I decided to share my faves and hopefully you can tell me about some I’ve missed!

Leith cafe quest

Cafe Praline

Near the bottom of Leith Walk sits the most recent cafe I’ve found. Passing it one weekend I was instantly drawn to its aesthetic of grey walls mixed with wooden tables and brown leather sofas.

Visually it is an Instagram addict’s dream and, if I had my own cafe, I would definitely take inspiration from these guys.

They have a cabinet of tasty looking sweet treats but also a range of very generously-filled sandwiches. On this occasion I chose a beautiful buttery croissant and my go-to skinny cappuccino.

Cafe Praline, Leith Edinburgh Cafe Praline, Leith Edinburgh


I first noticed Cassia when walking by and spotting a girl sitting outside drinking out of the cutest ‘I ❤ Tea’ mug, so my husband and I popped in for an impromptu coffee break. I had a couple of macaroons to accompany my coffee and he chose the most delicious looking gooey brownie I have ever seen. It was heavenly and so decadent so if you spot this on offer when you go, you must get one!

Cassia is definitely more like your traditional cafe serving tea, coffee, cakes and snacks, rather than designing themselves as a Pinterest pinup.

Cassia, Leith Edinburgh

Casa Amiga

Probably one of the most well-known Leith cafes; I first visited a few years ago for an alternative afternoon tea with a friend, where we enjoyed an absolute pastry fest!

There are lots of tasty cakes, pastries, hot drinks and even Portuguese beers and liqueurs on their menu. They have some lovely seats outside that catches the sun when it makes an appearance, so you can sit and relax whilst watching Leith life passing by.

Casa Amiga, Leith Edinburgh


I spotted this wee hidden gem from my bus as it stopped outside and was instantly drawn to the adorable granny chic chairs positioned in the window.

We popped in a few weeks later and they couldn’t have been friendlier! All the usuals are on their menu along with a few more filling bites such as burgers, toasties and fries.

Luckily there wasn’t anyone sitting in the granny chairs so we jumped in and enjoyed our favourite weekend activity of some UNO whilst watching the world go by.

Cafe No.30, Leith Edinburgh

Café Tartine

Café Tartine is a gorgeous cafe/restaurant down at the Shore. It’s French influence is shown through the beautiful vintage decor and their crepe menu. Popping in for a coffee on a Saturday morning is the perfect way to spend your day as you can then relax into lunch with a cheeky glass of red.

They have a varied food menu, much more than just crepes, so I’de definitely recommend checking them out for dinner too.

Cafe Tartine, Leith Edinburgh

I hope you enjoyed my Leith Cafe Quest ☕️

Do you have any Leith cafe recommendations?