Recently on Instagram I stumbled up Lvndr and OH.MY! I was in virtual jewellery heaven. Off I ventured to the website to see what else they had on offer and check out the prices – what a pleasant surprise I had…Beautiful Lvndr jewellery

So here are the chain of events that quickly resulted in me becoming an owner of Lvndr jewellery.


After I discovered Lvndr on Instagram I began tweeting about my excitement and had quite a few responses backing up my appreciation. I continued endlessly stalking their website then decided to order something. So much was already sold out, until this week when I saw on Instagram ‘our giraffe rings are back in stock’ – GO GO GO!

Postage prices

As I filled my basket and went on to choose delivery options, I was shocked at the postage prices:
  • Royal Mail second class – 89p
  • Royal Mail first class – £1.29
  • Orders over £20 have free delivery

The delivery day

This arrived…

Lvndr jewellery love
I excitedly instagrammed and then unwrapped to reveal my giraffe ring and infinity necklace…
Lvndr jewellery love
Now you can see why the giraffe ring was previously sold out; it’s adorable! Also up for sale are giraffe earrings and a giraffe necklace. Most items like this are available in gold and silver.
Lvndr jewellery love
Lvndr jewellery love
I really do love everything about Lvndr. I think the main reason for this is that I feel like it was created just for me. If I was going to start up my own jewellery shop I imagine it would be just like this. Their designs, affordability, company ethos, super friendly social media presence – all of these are why I think that this company will just grow and grow.

What are you waiting for?

Now I’ll be honest, I did contemplate whether to publish this post or not. My reason being that now more people will know about Lvndr and more things will become sold out. Alas, I am not that selfish and I had to share with the world. Everyone, go forth and drape yourselves in Lvndr jewels!