The festive season is well and truly upon us, but this year I’ve been thinking… how have social media platforms changed Christmas? Are they making us more or less social? Well here are my top tips for using social media during the festive season…

A Very Merry Instagram Christmas

Instagram ALL The Christmas Things

It is no secret that I LOVE all things Christmas related. So when I see pretty Christmas lights, trees, gifts, jumpers, what did I do before I had Instagram to share these pretty sights with the world? The best way to spread Christmas cheer is to Instagram every Christmas light you see. This is also very true for another passion of mine, nail art. So now I can share it with the world on my blog, Stamp Nail Art, via Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter.

All I want for Christmas is on Pinterest

In my last blog post I discussed how to use Pinterest for the best Christmas ever. Part of this was by using a board as your Christmas list so others can see it, whether they are members of the site or not, and they’ll have direct links to the source of the items you like. Alternatively, and more subtly, you can just look at a person’s boards to get a general idea of what they like.

Pinterest Secret Shopping List

As I also said in my last blog post, the introduction of Pinterest secret boards is a very welcome addition for the festive season. I created a secret board for all of my Christmas shopping, I pinned gift ideas I found online so I could then use the link to buy them or use my board as a visual list to go real life shopping.

Location Based Christmas

This year I have been on the hunt for mulled wine in Edinburgh. Each time I find some mulled wine, I check in on Yelp or Foursquare and leave a tip to inform others of my discoveries.

RIP Christmas Cards?

Some people will love this, some will hate it, I’m in between. Personally, I think nothing beats receiving a real hand written Christmas card through the post. I will always write and post Christmas cards. Social media allows us to go that one step further though, obviously all of the hundreds of people I am connected with on Facebook and Twitter and not my closest friends, so while I won’t send them all cards, it is still nice to be able to wish them a merry Christmas online.

Weather reports

No need to watch the weather forecast or even look out your window, EVERYONE will tell you on social media, whether you like it or not, the second a single snowflake drops.

Where has the mystery gone?

With the ever increasing integration of platforms across the internet, it can be tricky to discreetly do your Christmas shopping online but ensure that the items you are looking at or buying are not accidentally ‘liked’ and this news pushed to one of your profiles for the gift recipient to see.

Track Santa

This is a magical idea to keep the belief of Santa alive in children. They can follow Santa online or you can also download the app and track him from your mobile phone, a fun idea for Christmas eve. It’s good to see Mr Claus is keeping up with modern technology! So as Buddy the Elf said, ‘The best way to spread Christmas Cheer, is singing loud for all to hear’, so take his advice and sing, online, offline, everywhere! HAPPY CHRISTMAS!! 🙂

Until Next Christmas…

Those who know me, know that I love Christmas. I have multiple Christmas jumpers, socks, decorations, the lot. Even my nails are super festive. This year, I have been using more social media platforms than ever and I now cannot imagine the festive season without Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, YelpLoveIt and Instagram. They genuinely help me be more social, organising and attending real life events, sharing festive pictures, organising buying gifts, and generally keeping in touch with people.

Merry Christmas!