We all love a good moan, it’s part of human nature. But is social media really the place to do this? And in particular, Facebook?

I think that there is a time and a place for everything and I am no saint in all of this. I can be a very accomplished moaner, just not on Facebook. Many comments on Twitter can gets washed away or easily ignored in the real time feed, so if I ever feel an little rant bubbling up, this is the place I go.

Umm, i don't care.

A prime example of this irritating moaning can be seen in this Facebook status update, ‘for the love of god!’. So I ask, what were they aiming to achieve? It can only be attention. If you are not going to actually say what is wrong publicly, then why do you feel the need to say anything. What is wrong with just having a rant to a friend, as this person clearly wants, then it will be over and done with and you’ll feel much better! It’s not just moaning that is an issue, it is the cryptic messages which seem to be a way to include some people and completely alienate others leaving them feeling left out. As in, some of my friends understand what I am talking about, so if you don’t know then you aren’t part of this clique.

Now you may think that I am being a bit contradictory by writing this, moaning about the moaners. But I am being open and honest about it. Maybe I am being a bit of a grumpy old woman. And yes I know, as I have said before, I do believe social media is about freedom of speech, but not freedom to fill the empty space with rubbish. If you look at this graph displaying the words groups used in status updates throughout the day, there seems to be a lot of chat about ‘sleep’. Could this type of update really be interesting? Surely leisure activities should be top.

Source: mashable.com

There is immense power in social media, so don’t belittle it and give it a bad name as the place to tell people you’ve just bought some broccoli or hate the latest reality TV star. All ask is that when you update your status next, pause and think, ‘would I want to read this?’ and if the answer is yes, then go ahead. If no, then why are you subjecting your ‘friends’ to it?