The fabulous company that is Models Own recently held a 50% off sale after receiving over 250k likes on their Facebook page. As the clock struck 10am and they released their sale code I immediately filled my basket full of Models Own goodness and 2 days later the following spread appeared on my desk.

Models Own Nail Polishes

I was so excited to try out the new Models Own Hyper Gel nail polish. I started by using the pale pink first. I love the colour but I have never had much luck with pale pink nail polishes as they always require lots of coats to get a good coverage, sadly this one was no different. Four coats later and I achieved the look below:

Models Own Nails

The glitter on one of my fingers was also Models Own and I love it. That polish only required 2 coats.

Models Own Nails

My verdict:

Basically, I LOVE the colour but I wasn’t too impressed by the number of coats I had to apply to get a decent coverage.

Have you tried these new gel effect nail polishes yet? What did you think?