I love Christmas, not so much the day itself more just the run up to it. With just over two months to go, the air is starting to chill, Christmas catalogues are appearing outside shops and advent calendars are making their way onto supermarket shelves. I cannot wait to get into the festive swing of things. This year in particular as my boyfriend and I moved in together earlier in the year so it’s our first Christmas together in our lovely little flat. I can’t help but plan my way up to Christmas, so here are my next couple months in a nutshell…

Let it snow

Goodbye Halloween

I love Halloween and I can’t wait to dress up again this year but once the 1st November strikes the festive season can slowly begin. Actually that’s a slight lie as this year it will be more like the 3rd as my friend is having her awesome Halloween party on the 2nd November.

Zombie My Little Pony
Last year’s Halloween outfit – Zombie My Little Pony

Get Christmas Crafty

There is something about Christmas that brings out the Kirsty Allsopp in me. A few years ago I started making¬†Christmas decorations¬†to give as presents to my family. I found it so satisfying that as soon as the dark evenings and cold weather sets in, I love to get cosy on the sofa and grab my felt, needle and thread. They’re so simple to make but brighten up any home and do make wonderful little gifts.

Felt Christmas Decorations
Felt Christmas Decorations

Festive baking

Over the years I have built up quite a collection of festive cookie cutters so I can’t wait to bake more gingerbread Christmas trees and stockings using my festive recipe I blogged about last year. The smell of gingerbread makes the whole flat warm and cosy and smell of Christmas.

Festive Gingerbread
My festive gingerbread

Christmas in Edinburgh

Once the clock strikes midnight on the 30th of November(ish), Edinburgh becomes alive with festive cheer. Each year I wholeheartedly embrace the Christmas market, although this year there does seem to be some bad news about the lack of market stalls. Hopefully the capital city will still retain it’s festival sparkle no matter what. I’ll have my snowman mittens on and be up on that big wheel before I know it.

Christmas in Edinburgh
Edinburgh big wheel

Decorate ALL the things

This is possibly the most exciting part of the festive process. Decorating my home. Each year when I go on holiday I try to buy a new Christmas decoration as a souvenir. This year we went away to both Thailand and Dubrovnik so I can’t wait to decorate our tree with the new additions.

My Christmas tree 2012
Last year’s tree

Christmas weekend away

This Novemebr my flatmates from uni and I are planning a little reunion weekend away together. As one of them lives in London we were planning on going there but have since found cheap flights to Germany. Where better for a festive market? So we are now planning to go to Dusseldorf for a long festive weekend and I can’t wait.

Image source: germany-christmas-market.org.uk
Image source: germany-christmas-market.org.uk

Wear ALL my Christmas jumpers

As my Christmas jumpers grows (the image is just a sample) I have already added a new addition to my collection this year, a festive t-shirt from Primark. One for those slightly milder winter days. There is nothing better than being all cosy with a penguin wearing a Santa hat on your tummy.

Christmas jumpers
Part of my Christmas jumper collection

Work Christmas jumper day

Last year I organised a charity Christmas jumper day to raise money for Save the Children. This year I’ll be doing the same and as the company has grown there will be more colleagues to force to wear a festive jumper.

Yard Digital Christmas Jumper Day
Yard Digital Christmas Jumper Day

My Christmas jumper party

I’ll also be hosting my annual (well this is the 2nd year) Christmas Jumper party at my flat in mid December. This will again be fueled by mulled wine and my flat will be a merry place covered in tinsel and snowflakes.

Christmas Jumper Party
Me and Joe at last year’s Christmas jumper party, mulled wine in hand

The big day – My new family Christmas

Although I’ve been living in Edinburgh for 8 years, I’ve never spent Christmas day here, until now. This year I will be spending Christmas eve and day with my boyfriend’s family as they all live in the city. We’ll go for a couple festive drinks on Christmas eve then for once (and our first time together) we’ll be waking up on Christmas morning in our own home and I can’t wait.

Let the festivities begin (once Halloween is over)!