These miserable, grey January days are the perfect time to have a good old think about the year ahead. As I’ve just turned the grand old age of 28, I’m old enough and wise enough to know that there is little point in me making new years resolutions shrouded in false hope. Instead I have just created a list of things that I hope to do/improve/work on, so here they are…

My fabulous 2015 plan

  • Learn how to REALLY use my camera

    • For my birthday my boyfriend bought me a Panasonic DMC-FZ72EB-K Lumix Bridge Camera. My Samsung Galaxy S4 takes surprisingly clear photo but I wanted a new proper camera too. I was considering and SLR but decided to settle half way and get a bridge camera. Now I just need to swot up on shutter speed and aperture!
  • Beat my MS fatigue

    • It might be a little known fact I have MS but I do and it’s an absolute pain in the arse! For the past 18 months or so I’ve been suffering from crippling fatigue, every single day. This doesn’t just mean I’m tired – it’s very hard to explain but one MS blogger has done it perfectly, “It’s the kind of tiredness that feels as if you’ve been filled from the feet up with lead and your head with fog; that lifting your arms to put something on the washing line is as difficult as attempting Olympic weightlifting!” So, I need to combat this so I don’t spend another year in zombie mode!
  • Simply be healthier

    • I’m not a particularly unhealthy person but I do believe I do need to eat more of the right stuff. This should help with my previous goal too. I bought a new Breville Blend-Active Personal Blender and it is awesome. It is really small, powerful and easy to clean. I bought lots of frozen fruit and the blender just whizzes them up directly into the bottle so there is no waste and little cleaning.  I also, quite randomly, bought a Living Social deal for an online nutrition course. It starts in February and I just want to learn more about which foods I could really benefit from.
  • Work on my blog

    • More poor wee blog does need some tlc. I always want to improve it and write more. So watch out for some changes and more blog posts in 2015!
  • Become a makeup pro (sort of)

    • I’ve always had the dream of becoming a makeup artist but this is now just something I’m focussing on a bit more in my spare time. My boyfriend gave me the Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual for Christmas so I’m going to use this as a bit of a bible to read through. I also got a MAC makeup voucher and tutorial so I can get some advice and some fresh new makeup.
  • Home improvements

    • When we bought our own flat last April, we quickly started painting it and making it our own. However, the spare room has been a dumping ground ever since and our kitchen is in desperate need of a complete overhaul. These are the things I’ll be focussing on this year.
  • Finish the 7 of the best Edinburgh walks (and take photos)

    • I found this list of walks the other day and although I’ve already done a couple; The Water of Leith, Calton Hill and Arthur’s Seat, but I’d like to explore them more and do the rest. Edinburgh is a beautiful city and on the rare non-rainy, non-windy days that we get we should embrace this.
  • Be happy and have fun!

    • If I tackle of the above goals, make plans for a few holidays and breaks, embark on lots of dinners and drinks with friends and just relax a bit more then I think this could shape up to be a pretty damn fabulous year!

What are your plans or goals for the year?