Since I found out I was pregnant last summer, I’ve been on a bit of a rollercoaster. Now I’m 33 weeks pregnant and in my third trimester I feel much more settled and excited for what’s next. Being pregnant is a constant learning curve so I thought I’d share some of the things I’ve found helpful during my journey so far.

Gingerbread men

These were a lifesaver in my first trimester and I can testify that it isn’t a myth, ginger really does settle the stomach. I took to buying big tubs of mini gingerbread men from ASDA but you can get similar tubs from other supermarkets. When the nausea was overwhelming, these biscuits were the one thing that I could stomach (pun intended) and actually made me feel a little better.


Facebook groups

I didn’t know anyone who was also pregnant so I was on a mission to make some mummy-to-be friends. The advice I got was to join a pregnancy yoga class and sign up for NCT classes. I did the former but it all turns out to be very expensive so I decided to leave the NCT classes and just go to the NHS antenatal classes. Instead of forcing friendships through these classes I just decided to openly ask in the Edinburgh Gossip Girls Facebook group if there were any other pregnant ladies that fancied a chat and/or meeting up. The response was fantastic and I organised a lunch where myself and 14 other ladies got together for lunch at Mimi’s Bakehouse. Since then I’ve also set up a WhatsApp group of expectant Edinburgh mums and there are over 30 of us. We all share our experiences, tips and worries which will be brilliant when our little bundles of joy arrive.



From the moment I found out I was pregnant I was concerned about the dreaded stretch marks. I already have some quite visible ones on my inner thighs from my teenage years, and some others scattered around my body. Now I’m 33 weeks pregnant, I feel very fortunate to have remained relatively unscathed. Whether this is due to my genes (my mum avoided stretchmarks in pregnancy) or because I’ve been using a combination of Palmer’s Cocoa Butter in the morning and a generous slathering of Bio-Oil before bed, we’ll never know. Either way, I love oiling up my bump and giving it a good massage.


Men’s long-sleeved t-shirts

I always assumed that if I ever got pregnant I’d just want to wear big baggy clothes. Sometimes I do but more often than not, I’d rather wear more fitted tops that show off my bump and don’t make me feel enormous. Before I was even pregnant, I bought a man’s v-neck black top from ASOS but never really wore it. As my bump got bigger, I put it on again and it was perfect! The sleeves and body are longer than normal and it’s super stretchy so supports me in all the right places. The green top I’m wearing in the photo above is a men’s ‘muscle fit long-sleeve t-shirt’ (size XS) from ASOS. I now own quite a few, all size XS (I’m a size 8-10) and they’re all brilliant as maternity tops. Check out some other muscle fit t-shirts here.


Pregnancy yoga on YouTube

A friend recommended I check out the yoga videos by Brett Larkin on YouTube. She shares normal yoga videos as well as pregnancy yoga. If you don’t want to pay lots for yoga classes, or you’d just rather do some yoga in the comfort of your own home, I’d definitely check out these videos. She offers a wide range of pregnancy yoga tutorials of different lengths and suitable for different trimesters.


Exercise ball

My physio friend recommended I get an exercise ball – so I did! I bought a Trideer ball from Amazon and it has been brilliant so far. My hips and pelvis are really achy and sore, but sitting on my ball for a bit each day totally takes the weight off and provides some relief. I’m sure the closer I get to my due date, the more I’ll use it.


Pregnancy pillow

Hip and pelvic girdle pain have been making me quite uncomfortable in my third trimester and I think my sister predicted this was going to happen as she bought me a pregnancy pillow for Christmas. It’s made of memory foam so it’s very heavy to move around the bed when I want to roll over at night, but it has helped so much!


Truly Happy Baby book

I first came across Holly Willoughby’s book ‘Truly Happy Baby‘ on Audible when we were planning on starting a family. Although I wasn’t yet pregnant, I loved the book and already found it so helpful. When we went to London to visit a friend who was already pregnant I bought her a copy of the book and she also loved it. I’ve since bought my own copy and I know I’ll always be referring back to it. Holly has had 3 babies so she is simply sharing her tips on what worked for her. I know this isn’t gospel but it’s just nice to hear about her experiences and what she found worked well.


So there you have it, those are my pregnancy tips so far from my 33 weeks of pregnancy. I know I have lots more to learn so watch this space! If you have any tips of your own, I’d love to hear them!