There has been so much going on this month. From buying new pet fish to eating all the cheese possible at Foodies Festival.

Our Breaking Bad fish!

One Saturday a few weeks ago I was walking along to the Co-op with my other half when I decided we should get pet fish. I few weeks, research and a lot more money than expected, we welcomed our new pets; three fish (Walter White, Walt Junior and Jesse Pinkman), two snails (Mike and Hank) and two shrimps (Saul and Gus). Our Breaking Bad fish Fast forward another few weeks and sadly Saul the shrimp passed away. We had to return Jesse Pinkman to the pet shop as he was bullying the two Walters (advice: don’t get a paradise fish as they have a bad reputation of not getting on with other fish). We then renamed Walt Junior to be Jesse Pinkman and bought another snail. This one was stripy so we named him Tiger after my late and great pet cat. Our Breaking Bad fish I then felt the one shrimp was a bit lonely so we bought another two and named then Dexter and Jon Snow – deviating from the Breaking Bad theme a bit. Now I love our little aquarium family, they all have so much character!

My super talented boyfriend

To be honest, I’m not sure my boyfriend and I could be much different. I am super practical and logical, whereas he is unbelievably creative. He is writing a novel, Bazookaville, and also draws (unbelievably well) and writes additional short stories. Below is his novel so far so if you fancy having a read of Bazookaville then I know he would love any feedback:

You can find more of his work under Joey Fantana on Wattpad.

Day at the Edinburgh Dungeon, Beer and Skittles and Pomegranate restaurant

As anyone who knows me will tell you, I jump out my skin at the drop of a hat! So when I was invited to go to the Edinburgh Dungeon to review it I jumped at the chance – literally! You can read all about our visit here. Afterwards we went for a walk along the Royal Mile to absorb some of the Edinburgh Fringe atmosphere. Here we saw a fantastic musician (pictured below) called Simeon Baker. His guitar skills captivated a huge audience and I strongly recommend you check him out. After lots of walking around we went to Beer & Skittles so my other half could watch the Arsenal game and we played a lovely chilled out Saturday afternoon game of Jenga. This went on for a very long time, had the bar staff cheering us on and resulted in my knocking over and accidentally smashing my prosecco glass (sorry!).

Edinburgh tourist day out

That evening we went to Pomegranate restaurant on Leith Walk. They offer a wide variety of Middle Eastern with delicacies from Lebanon, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Iran. Everything was delicious and the restaurant is decorated beautiffully and in-keeping with the Middle Eatsern theme. It is a BYOB restaurant so we took along a bottle of wine and left a couple of hours late very stuffed and happy


I have recently discovered my new favourite jewellery shop. I recently wrote a blog post about Lvndr but I couldn’t resist giving them another mention her. They jewellery is beautifully made and great value for money so you don’t even have to wait until pay day!

Lvndr jewellery

Foodies Festival (even in the rain)

I received free tickets to Foodies Festival from my lovely friend Nadine. Unfortunately we couldn’t make it on the lovely, sunny Saturday and we had to go on the torrential rain Sunday. Alas we still had fun, tasted all the cheese possible, ate a hog roast roll and bought cheese, ate a banana and strawberry macaroon and bought a champagne and strawberry macaroon for my lovely friend Robyn. A delicious day!

Foodies Festival 2014

Gone Girl on Audible

I recently downloaded Audible and it has revolutionised my ‘reading’. I have always been a painfully slow reader and usually fall asleep the minute I even open a book. So audio books was clearly the way forward! I am now flying through books – I listened to Fault in our Stars in a week and then moved onto Gone Girl. Now I can’t wait to see the films of both. I listen to my books on my commute to and from work on the bus and walking – Audible suits me perfectly!

Festival Day with my lovely mum and dad

Last but not least, my lovely mum and dad came up to Edinburgh from Northumberland for a visit as we’re going on holiday this weekend for a week and then they’re going on holiday so we won’t see them for a while. I love my parents to bits and although I’ve lived in Edinburgh for 9 years they’ve never come up and stayed during the Edinburgh Fringe festival is on. They’re going to rectify this next year but last weekend we fitted in as much as we could in one day. We hit the Royal Mile and saw juggling of weapons, musicians and some beautiful traditionally dressed people from Taiwan.Edinburgh Fringe FestivalTaken from the top of the big wheel on Princes Street. I love this photo and my Instagram filter does make it look like it is of Edinburgh way back when but if you look at the sign on the top of the galleries then you’ll see it’s not.Edinburgh Fringe FestivalAll in all I have had a spectacular August doing lots with the people I love. Thank you all! Now we’re embarking on new adventures in September, starting with Berlin this weekend!